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TMS2016 will present more than 60 symposia covering a broad range of topics related to materials science and engineering. For your convenience, the symposia have been divided into the following technical tracks. Click on a track to view a listing of related symposia.

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  • + Additive Manufacturing and Joining Processes
    • Additive Forming of Components—Tailoring Specific Material Properties in Low-Volume Production
    • Additive Manufacturing: Building the Pathway towards Process and Material Qualification
    • Powder Metallurgy of Light Metals
    • Recent Advancement on Stretchable and Wearable Electronics
  • + Biomaterials
    • Advanced Materials in Dental and Orthopedic Applications
    • Bio Nano Interfaces and Engineering Applications
    • Biological Materials Science Symposium
    • Magnesium-Based Biodegradable Implants
    • Recent Developments in Biological, Structural and Functional Thin Films and Coatings
  • + Computational Materials Science
    • CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing
    • Computational Materials Discovery and Optimization: From 2D to Bulk Materials
    • Computational Methods for Spatio-Temporal Scale-Bridging: from Atomistics to Mesoscale
    • Computational Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Model Validation, and Stochastic Predictions
    • Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics
    • ICME Infrastructure Development for Accelerated Materials Design: Data Repositories, Informatics, and Computational Tools
    • Material Design Approaches and Experiences IV
  • + Energy and Sustainability
    • Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management
    • High-Temperature Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage
    • Materials in Clean Power Systems IX: Durability of Materials
      REWAS 2016
      For more information, visit the REWAS web page.
      • Subsession 1: Realizing Sustainable Products and Systems
      • Subsession 2: Enabling Sustainability through Materials Processing and Waste Valorization
      • Subsession 3: Understanding Sustainability through . . . Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Modeling & Industrial Ecology
      • Subsession 4: Understanding Sustainability through . . . Life Cycle Analysis & Industrial Ecology of Light Metals
      • Subsession 5: Enabling Sustainability through . . . Light Metals Recycling and Waste Valorization
      • Subsession 6: Understanding Sustainability through . . . Education and Consumer Awareness
  • + Extraction, Processing, and Fabrication
    • 7th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing
    • Frontiers in Solidification: An MPMD Symposium in Honor of Michel Rappaz
    • Materials Processing Fundamentals
    • Thermodynamic Applications, Optimizations, and Simulations in High-Temperature Processes: An EPD Symposium in Honor of Christopher W. Bale’s 70th Birthday
  • + Light Metals
    • Alumina & Bauxite
    • Aluminum Alloys, Processing and Characterization
    • Aluminum Reduction Technology
    • Cast Shop Technology
    • Electrode Technology
    • Magnesium Technology 2016
    • Shape Casting: 6th International Symposium
    • Strip Casting of Light Metals
  • + Metals and Materials Processing
    • Hume-Rothery Award Symposium: Thermodynamics of Materials
    • Interface-Driven Phenomena in Solids: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Chemistry
    • Materials Research in Reduced Gravity
    • Metal and Polymer Matrix Composites II
    • Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution
    • Phase Transformations in Multi-Component Systems: An MPMD Symposium Honoring Gary R. Purdy
    • Rare Metal Extraction & Processing Symposium
    • Refractory Metals 2016
  • + Nanomaterials
    • 2016 Functional Nanomaterials: Emerging Nanomaterials and Techniques for 3D Architectures
    • Bulk Processing of Nanostructured Powders and Nanopowders by Consolidation
    • Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale III
    • Ultrafine Grained Materials IX
  • + Nuclear Materials and Applications
    • Accelerated Materials Evaluation for Nuclear Application Utilizing Test Reactors, Ion Beam Facilities and Integrated Modeling
    • Computational Materials Engineering for Nuclear Reactor Applications
    • Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors V
    • Nanostructured Materials for Nuclear Applications
  • + Properties and Performance
    • Advanced Characterization Techniques for Quantifying and Modeling Deformation
    • Advanced Magnetic Materials: An FMD Symposium in Honor of Michael E. McHenry
    • Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications IV
    • Bulk Metallic Glasses XIII
    • Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
    • Driving Discovery: Integration of Multi-Modal Imaging and Data Analysis
    • Emerging Interconnect and Pb-Free Materials for Advanced Packaging Technology
    • Fatigue in Materials: Fundamentals, Multiscale Modeling and Prevention
    • High Entropy Alloys IV
    • In Operando Nano- and Micro-Mechanical Characterization of Materials with Special Emphasis on In Situ Techniques
    • Material Behavior Characterization via Multi-Directional Deformation of Sheet Metal
    • Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XV
  • + Special Topics

Please Note: TMS requires all presenters to abide by the TMS Anti-Harassment Policy.

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