Metal-Matrix Composites in Industry: A Database of Companies, Materials, and Products

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This database is based on content originally developed for the Kluwer Academic Publishers volume Metal Matrix Composites in Industry: An Introduction and Survey by Alexander Evans, Christopher San Marchi, and Andreas Mortensen.

The content of this database is updated periodically by members of the Composite Materials Committee of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International.

Outside a relatively limited circle of specialists, metal-matrix composites are mostly unknown. Designers do not as a rule think of using these materials, in part because access to information is difficult as these materials have not really entered engineering handbooks. This on-line database is, thus, useful to engineers who wish to gain introductory knowledge of these materials and who want to know where to find them. Additionally, it provides researchers and academics with a survey of current industrial activity in this area of technology.

The content of the database comprises text and tables covering about 140 companies active in metal-matrix composites, 170 examples of these materials actually used or produced, and 90 products available on the market.

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