NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes

June 23-27, 2019 • Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel • Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA


The Numerical Methods for Industrial Forming Processes (NUMIFORM) series of conferences was started in 1982 by the late Professor O.C. Zienkiewicz, one of the founders of the Finite Element Method and a pioneer in the application of numerical simulations in forming processes. The conference considers both bulk and sheet/tube forming processes and anticipates 200-350 participants from across the globe. It occurs approximately every three years in Europe, North America and Asia. The previous NUMIFORM conferences were held at:

1982: Swansea, United Kingdom
1986: Gothenburg, Sweden
1989: Fort Collins, USA
1992: Sophia Antipolis, France
1995: Ithaca, USA
1998: Enschede, Netherlands
2001: Toyohashi, Japan
2004: Columbus, USA
2007: Porto, Portugal
2010: Pohang, Korea
2013: Shenyang, China
2016: Troyes, France

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