JOM: The Magazine Mechanical Requirements

Size Parameters

Column width 2-1/8 inches (5.4 cm) for 3-column page/ Column depth 10 inches (25.4 cm) Trimmed size 8-1/4 × 11 inches (20.9 cm × 27.9 cm)/Untrimmed bleed size 8-3/4 × 11-1/2 inches (22.2 cm × 29.2 cm).

Original Artwork

150 line screens are recommended for color ads; 133 line screens are accepted. JOM: The Magazine prefers original screened film negatives, right-reading, emulsion-side down, one piece per color. Film must be a clear base and dimensionally stable.

Electronic Artwork

Ideal format is high-resolution, composite files such as PDF, EPS, or TIF. JOM: The Magazine accepts program files from Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5. Contact TMS for additional specifications.

File Submission

Files can be submitted electronically or on CD-ROM,or DVD. Compressed files may also be e-mailed to or posted on JOM’s FTP site. Call for specific instructions when using the FTP site. Bleeds must be marked with specified crop marks. Disks must be labeled with advertiser name, ad headline, ad number, and contact person's name, address, and e-mail address or telephone number. Electronic submissions must be accompanied by an output report containing information on: operating system used (e.g., Mac OS, Windows); any compression program used; application(s) employed, including version number; file names; and fonts and images used.


Inserts: Standard black-and-white rates apply per side; each page of insert counts as one unit toward earned rate; back-up charge is $175 per page for black pages. Outserts: quoted per instance.

Return and Storage

Ad materials are stored for 13 months after last insertion date unless notified in writing.


JOM: The Magazine is printed offset using a web press and perfect binding.


Ad position is the sole discretion of JOM: The Magazine except when a specific position is purchased. Position requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Layout and Production

Advertisers may be charged $65 an hour if artwork manipulations or camera work is required.


Ad contracts are accepted at prevailing rates when the contract is received. Rates quoted in contracts are honored for one year from the date the contract is received. Rates are based on total insertions, 1/6 page or larger, issued in a 12-month period. Rates are subject to change on 60 days written notice, but advertisers are protected at contracted rates for the duration of their existing contracts. Display ads: agency commission is 15% of gross billing allowed on space, color, and position.

Closing Dates, Billing, Terms

Orders are due eight weeks prior to first day of the month of the issue’s date. Final approved artwork is due one week later. Cancellations are not accepted after order closing date. Insertions are billed the first week of the month in which ad appears. Invoices are payable upon receipt in U.S. dollars within 30 days. Advertiser receives 2% net (after agency commission) cash discount for invoice paid within 10 days of invoice date. Ads are subject to acceptance by publisher. Advertiser/agency assumes liability for contents of ads, printed or inserted, and agrees to indemnify publisher for any and all claims or lawsuits arising from libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement, etc., which may be predicated on the contents of ads placed. Display and classified advertising are included as a service to readers. Products/services mentioned carry no real or implied endorsement by JOM or The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.


Address all correspondence, insertion orders, contracts, films and negatives to: Sales Coordinator, 1000 Westgate Dr Suite 252, St. Paul MN, 55114.

Contact Us

Ky Carlson, Sales Coordinator
Phone: 1-651-288-3727