Meet the most recent TMS Board of Directors nominees and learn how to nominate a candidate for future boards. 

2022-2025 Board of Directors Nominees

The following slate of members will be advanced to the TMS Membership for the 2022-2025 Board of Directors.
  • Membership & Student Development Director/Chair: Viola Acoff
  • Vice President/President/Past President: Brad Boyce
Candidacies of individuals applying for Technical Division Chair positions go straight to the membership for approval, bypassing consideration by the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Light Metals Division: Eddie Williams
  • Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division: Paul Mason
  • Structural Materials Division: Suveen Mathaudhu
Learn more about these nominees in the article, "TMS Presents the 2022 Board of Directors Nominees," published in the July issue of JOM

Selection Process

TMS typically accepts nominations for open board of directors positions from October 1 through January 15 for board terms that begin for the following year (e.g., to be considered for a term that begins in 2023, the deadline for nominations would be January 15, 2022).

Candidates for all Board of Directors positions must be presented to and approved by the TMS membership. All non-technical-division-chair-position nominations are reviewed by the TMS Nominating Committee, which then makes recommendations concerning the candidates to the TMS Board of Directors. The TMS Board of Directors considers the Nominating Committee recommendations and develops a slate of candidates for presentation to the membership. This slate includes technical division chair candidates as identified by the technical divisions. In July of each year, the candidates are presented to the membership in JOM, and the membership has the opportunity to approve the slate of candidates by taking no action or to force an election by petitioning to have an additional candidate considered for a given position. If no other candidates are advanced by the membership by August 15, the slate endorsed by the Board of Directors will be declared elected and will take office at the conclusion of the next TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition. If an alternative candidate is advanced by the membership, an election will be held in the fall.

Open Board Positions

Nominations will be accepted beginning October 1, 2021, for seats on the 2023–2026 Board of Directors. The open positions are: 
Additionally, positions for these division chairs are also open on the 2023–2026 Board of Directors, but nominations are being developed directly through the technical divisions.

How to Nominate

Submission Deadline: January 15 of each year

Self nomination packages are acceptable. This nomination process does not apply to technical division chair positions.

Your nomination package should include:
  • Completed and signed TMS Board Nominee Statement Form (PDF).
  • Curriculum Vitae (5 pages or less, with no more than 1 page listing publications and presentations)
  • Supporting letters from TMS members (minimum of three; maximum of five). Each letter should be no longer than three pages.
  • Two-page letter describing your specific TMS experiences, both past and present.

Completed nomination packages should be submitted to:

TMS Nominating Committee Chair
c/o Deborah Hixon, TMS
5700 Corporate Drive, Suite 750
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 USA

The nomination packet is valid for one year.