4th International Congress on 3D Materials Science
(3DMS 2018)

June 10–13, 2018 • Kulturværftet (Culture Yard) Conference Center • Helsingᴓr (Elsinore), Denmark

Publishing Options

In 2020, the TMS journals Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, JOM, and Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A will be publishing coordinated topical collections on the topic of 3D Materials Science. Participants in 3DMS 2018 are strongly encouraged to contribute to this effort.

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2019
Journal Publication Date: January–March 2020

Journal Information & Submission Instructions

Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI)
Editor in Chief: Charles Ward
Topical Collection Guest Editors: Alexis Lewis, National Science Foundation, United States; and Henry Proudhon, Mines Paristech Centre Des Matériaux, France

Submissions are encouraged on new experimental tools and techniques, descriptions of novel data sets, 3D data processing and reconstruction algorithms, and descriptions of software for simulation. Visit the IMMI website for more journal details.

To submit your paper, go to https://www.editorialmanager.com/immj/. Choose "Additional Information" in the New Submission menu and indicate the "3D Materials Science" topical collection.

Principal Editor: Justin Scott
Topical Collection Guest Editors: Matthew Miller, Cornell University, United States; and Philip Withers, The Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, United Kingdom

Submissions are encouraged on the industrial application of materials modeling and processing-microstructure-property relationships in 3D. Visit the JOM website for more journal details.

To submit your paper, go to https://www.editorialmanager.com/jomj/. Select “2001: 3D Materials Science” in the dropdown menu for Section/Category.

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
Principal Editor: Tresa Pollock
Topical Collection Guest Editors: David Rowenhorst, Naval Research Laboratory, United States; and Henning Poulsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Submissions are encouraged on innovative characterization approaches and algorithms, computational simulations and property prediction models that employ 3D data, and new insights on materials structure and behavior that arise from 3D data. Visit the Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A website for more journal details.

To submit your paper, go to https://mmta.msubmit.net. Choose the Symposium article type and add “3D Materials Science” in the manuscript comments box. Include a cover letter that indicates the topical collection.

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