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World Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Materials and Manufacturing (AIM 2022)

April 3–6, 2022

Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Technical Program

AIM 2022 will convene academic, industrial, and governmental stakeholders in the areas of materials modeling and simulation, experimental research, materials design, manufacturing processes, and human-AI integration to address key issues and identify future pathways in the use of artificial intelligence in materials and materials-related manufacturing.

This congress will provide a forum for presentations and discussions centering on artificial intelligence, including:

  • Intelligent/robotic manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence in specific manufacturing process (e.g., forming, casting, additive manufacturing…)
  • Machine learning/deep learning in materials and manufacturing
  • Computer vision for materials and manufacturing R&D
  • Autonomous materials research
  • AI-assisted development of new materials/alloys
  • Human-AI collaboration for materials and manufacturing problems
  • Organizational impacts of artificial intelligence in materials and manufacturing


AIM 2022 will feature two plenary speakers, a panel discussion, and technical sessions organized into three tracks.

Plenary Speakers

David Blondheim, Jr.

David Blondheim, Jr., Technical Advisor: Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Analytics, Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation (USA)
Monday's Plenary: "Are You Prepared for Industry 4.0? Creating the Foundation for Machine Learning in Production Manufacturing"

Tegan Emerson

Tegan Emerson, Senior Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)
Wednesday's Plenary: "Generating Realistic Material Microstructures Using Generative Networks for Advanced Manufacturing"

Panel Discussion

Presentation Title: "Challenges and Opportunities in the Application of AI to Materials R&D"

Join a discussion with a panel of the AIM 2022 organizers to examine the current state of the application of AI to materials R&D as we identify where the most exciting opportunities may lie. We will cover the challenges that must be overcome to realize the promise of AI for materials research, while avoiding the pitfalls inherent in this powerful new approach. Additionally, we will discuss ways we can unify the community around issues of global importance, where the application of AI techniques to materials R&D can make a substantial difference in human well-being, as well as the role of the funding agencies in improving the R&D landscape. We will plan time for attendees to both weigh in on these issues and pose additional questions to the panelists.

Abstract Submissions

The abstract submission deadline has passed. If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, send an e-mail to TMS Programming Staff.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, send an e-mail to TMS Programming Staff.

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