Control of Potline Scrubber & Fugitive Emissions for Aluminum Smelters Course

May 21–25, 2017 • Grand Hótel Reykjavík • Reykjavík, Iceland

Course Curriculum

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The 2017 course agenda is now available! Download the PDF now for a look at topics that will be covered during this program.

See what 2016 course attendees are saying about the program:

“The discussion questions with attendees are excellent for addressing real plant issues. Showing movies and design videos is an excellent tool for employees not from FTP areas.”

“Very good material, especially for potroom emission, good vs. bad practices.”

This four-day course is planned to be interactive in nature, comprised of lectures with open group discussions, supplier participation, and a smelter visit. It will cover the control of potline emissions from primary aluminum smelters, focusing on scrubber and potroom fugitive emissions; fundamentals, scrubber design and operation (both dry and SO2 wet scrubbing); pot ventilation and fugitive emissions; best practices; and upcoming advancements in technology. Emissions focused in this course include fluorides, SO2, and particulates.

Individual lectures will be centered on the following topical areas:
  • Overview of Emissions
  • Emission Fundamentals – Fluoride, SO2, Particulates
  • Pot Ventilation & Scrubber Technologies
  • Dry Scrubber Design
  • Dry Scrubber Operation (focus on Injector Reactors & Baghouse Designs)
  • SO2 Wet Scrubber Operation & Control
  • Practical Tips to Evaluate Scrubber Technology Bidding Stage
  • Advancements & Developments in Potline Scrubbing, including Gas Cooling Options
  • Management of Potroom Fugitive Emissions
  • Interactive Discussion and Workgroups
  • Smelter Field Visit

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