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The 13th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity

July 25-30, 2021 • Virtual Event

Frequently Asked Questions

Oral Presentations

What is the format for oral presentations? All oral presentations will be pre-recorded. More information is available below and in the ICTP 2021 Virtual Speaker Guide.

What are the time constraints for presentations? Contributed presentations should last 20 minutes. Please do not extend the presentation beyond your assigned time. The 5-minute Q&A time that is usually part of your presentation time will be part of the 60-minute Q&A session for your whole session. This live Q&A will be a Zoom meeting interface in the platform. You can find this information in the e-mail that confirmed the date and time of your presentation.

Is a PowerPoint template available? The ICTP 2021 PowerPoint template is available on the ICTP 2021 website and in your ProgramMaster Presenter/Author Tools. The PowerPoint template is not required, so you can use your own if you prefer.

How do I record the presentation? Information is available in the ICTP 2021 Virtual Speaker Guide. Note that you may use the recording tools in the speaker portal, or you may record your presentation on your own using Zoom, GoToMeeting, PowerPoint, or other recording apps. Files must be submitted as MP4s. Files can be no more than 500 MB.

How do I submit my recorded oral presentation? You must first register prior to submitting your presentation. After all presenters are registered, a link will be sent to the Speaker portal. More information is available in the ICTP 2021 Virtual Speaker Guide.

How do I avoid having people save/record my presentations? Within the meeting platform, files may be viewed but not automatically downloaded. Like an in-person conference, during the registration process all attendees are asked to agree to not save or record presentations from the conference.

Poster Presentations

What is the format for poster presentations? Presenters should provide the poster in PDF format. Any visual aids which might clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. These can include diagrams, charts, figures, illustrations, etc. However, do not post your paper text. Note that graphics should be simple, colorful, well-labeled, and clear. Poster presenters are also encouraged to upload a 2-minute video to introduce their poster.

How do I submit my poster presentation? Information is available in the ICTP 2021 Virtual Speaker Guide.

Time Zone Considerations

Due to time zone issues, do I have to be available at the date/time of my presentation? Speakers are asked to be logged on at the scheduled time of their session to participate in their presentation’s message board and to join their session’s live Q&A session.

In which time zone will Virtual ICTP 2021 take place? All presentations and events will be scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4:00), which is the home time zone for the Ohio State University.


I am a presenter – do I need to register and pay? Yes, presenters must register and pay to attend the virtual conference.

What is the registration deadline date for presenters? All presenters must register by June 21. IMPORTANT: If you have not registered by this date, your presentation will be removed from the program.

General Information

How can I communicate with participants during my session? A message board is assigned to each on-demand presentation. You can interact with ICTP 2021 attendees with questions or comments about your presentation on this message board and in your session’s live Q&A session.

How long will presentations be available to view? Presentations will be available to view until August 31, 2021.

Important Dates for Presenters to Upload Presentations

By what date do I upload my presentation online? The speaker portal will be available after June 28. All presentations must be uploaded by no later than July 12.

Important Dates

  • Presenters must be registered by June 21, 2021
  • Presentations must be uploaded to the speaker portal by July 12, 2021

For More Information

For more information about this meeting, please complete the meeting inquiry form or contact:

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