Lifetime Honorific Society Members

The TMS Foundation welcomed new members into the Lifetime Honorific Societies during the Donor Appreciation Dinner held at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. From left to right: Robert D. and Mary C. Shull (Silver Society); Kenneth R. Kinsman (Gold Society); Garry W. Warren, Foundation Board of Trustees Chair; Robyn and Rob Wagoner (Platinum Society); Patrice and Michèle Turchi (Titanium Society); Amber Genau, 2018 TMS/JIM International Scholar; Tina and Dan Miracle (Silver Society); and Edward D. Herderick (Titanium Society). Not pictured: Marc A. Meyers (Titanium Society) and George T. "Rusty" Gray III (Silver Society).

Through their generous donations to the TMS Foundation over the course of a lifetime, the following individuals have made a significant and permanent impact on the future of the minerals, metals, and materials professions:


Diamond Society

Lifetime contributions totaling $100,000 or more.

Lucinda and Martin Glicksman
Geraldine McCulley Wadsworth and Jeffrey Wadsworth

Platinum Society

Lifetime contributions totaling $50,000 to $99,999

Robyn and Rob Wagoner

Gold Society

Lifetime contributions totaling $20,000 to $49,999

Seta and Diran Apelian
Om P. Arora (deceased)
Carl M. Cady
Linda and Lionel Kimerling
Kenneth R. Kinsman
Marc A. Meyers
Garry W. Warren and Larry Goldman

Titanium Society

Lifetime contributions totaling $10,000 to $19,999

Joseph D. Defilippi
Gordon H. Geiger
Lorenzo Martinez Gomez
Maria Oliva and Kevin Hemker
Michelle A. and Edward D. Herderick
Elizabeth Holm and David Crockett
Carol and Stanley Howard
Diane and David Matlock
Tina and Daniel Miracle
Deepa and Brajendra Mishra
Tai-Gang Nieh
Warren Oliver
Sonia and Deepankar Pal
Marilyn and George Pharr
David Alan Shifler in Memory of Robert B. Pond Sr.
Michèle and Patrice Turchi
William G. Wagstaff (deceased)
Deborah L. Yaney

Silver Society

Lifetime contributions totaling $5,000 to $9,999

Viola L. Acoff
Cynthia K. Belt
Cynthia Bognar
Joan and David DeYoung
James Earthman
Carol and Kenneth Fuchs
Jeffery C. Gibeling
Stacy and Bob Gleixner
George T. Gray III
William C. Harrigan Jr.
Hani Henein
Joy and Gregory Hildeman
George Krauss
Diane and David Laughlin
Thaddeus B. Massalski
Ronald E. Miller
Michael J. Mills
Jean and William Nix
Harold W. Paxton
Ray D. Peterson
Lynne and James Robinson
Wolfgang A. Schneider
Angela and Alexander Scott
Mary C. and Robert D. Shull
King-Ning Tu
Frank E. Wagstaff
Robert B. Wagstaff
Leigh and Timothy Weihs
Wendelin J. Wright and John C. Bravman