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The TMS Bladesmithing program makes such concepts as heat transfer, coke combustion, forging, welding, and quenching come to life for university students majoring in a minerals, metals, or materials discipline. The centerpiece of TMS Bladesmithing is a hotly contested competition, held every other year at the TMS annual meeting, that challenges student teams from around the world to produce a knife or sword blade by hand hammering or trip hammer forging. In alternative years, students have the opportunity to present their current work on Bladesmithing concepts at the TMS Bladesmithing Symposium, also held at the TMS annual meeting.

Check this page regularly for news and updates on future competitions, as well as other TMS Bladesmithing activities.

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2017 TMS Bladesmithing Competition Highlights

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology goes down in TMS history as the inaugural winner of the TMS Wadsworth-Sherby Bladesmithing Grand Prize, established by Jeffrey Wadsworth, President and Chief Executive Officer of Battelle. Pictured below are all the winning teams honored at the TMS Bladesmithing Awards Ceremony at the TMS2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, along with the awards presenters, Stanley M. Howard, 2016 TMS President (end left) and Jeffrey Wadsworth (end right):

TMS Wadsworth-Sherby Grand Prize ($2,000 prize) 
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 
Entry: Norwegian Langseax

Second Place ($500 prize) 

Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
Entry: Reproduction of the T19391 Sword from the Late Norwegian Iron Age 

Third Place ($250 prize) 

Colorado School of Mines 
Entry: A Closer Shave: Forging a Damascus Steel Straight Razor

Honorable Mention ($100 prize) 

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 
Entry: A Rapier Eclectic 

See Our Competitors in Action

A requirement for every TMS Bladesmithing Competition entry is production of a video that shares the process and background behind the blade being created.
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