Brimacombe Prize

As a permanent record, each Prize recipient is awarded a sculpturesque depiction of a modern-day Atlas representing a portrait of fortitude. The dramatic steps of this artistic piece evidence an ascent to the top. Atlas, as we know from mythology, is a timeless figure symbolizing persistence in a journey. Characteristically, the J. Keith Brimacombe Prize recognizes determination and professional achievement that is forever in style and not easily forgotten. Etched in the base of the award are the qualities that give form to the purpose of the man and the award while recognizing the accomplishments of its recipient.

  1. A creator of new knowledge through research excellence.
  2. A visionary and innovator for a better global society.
  3. A world ambassador integrating science and technology with creative insight.

The J. Keith Brimacombe Prize was designed to do more than merely honor; is intended that this award speak symbolically of the achievements of its recipients while perpetuating the attributes that Dr. Brimacombe set as standards for his own character and career.

Current Year Recipient(s)

Past Recipients

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