WAAIME Scholarship

WAAIME (formerly known as the Women's Auxiliary to the American Institute of Mining Engineers) is a division under the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration. The WAAIME Scholarship fund provides scholarships to students pursuing earth science degrees including mining, geological sciences, metallurgy, petroleum, mineral sciences, materials science and engineering, mineral economics, chemical engineering, and other related studies. The number and amount of scholarships awarded yearly are dictated by the funds available and by the financial needs of the applicants.

Applicants may receive a maximum of three scholarships from WAAIME during their academic career.


Undergraduate and graduate Material Advantage student members are eligible to apply for scholarships funded by WAAIME. Applications will only be accepted from students who are studying at a school in the United States. Students studying at a school in Chile, Peru, or Mexico, please contact the WAAIME Staff Liaison for more information.

How to Apply

Submission deadline: February 5 of each year.

Go to the WAAIME Scholarship site for complete details. The application form is available here.

Award Website

To view a list of past recipients, visit the official award website.