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Advancement in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Research

Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 01, 2018
Lead Organizer: Amit Pandey
Publication Date: November 2018
Keywords: Advanced Materials,Characterization,Ceramics,Energy,Energy Conversion and Storage,High-Temperature Materials,Joining,Mechanical Properties,Physical Properties
Scope: Papers are invited on advancements in SOFCs from research to product development. Areas that are relevant include but are not limited to low/ IT metal support; metals under dual atmosphere; HX alloys; coatings and degradation; metals/ alloys for hydrocarbon processing – carbon/ metal dusting; failure prediction / sensing; durability and reliability of fuel cell stack; cermet (anode) stability; electrolyte – electrode interface stability; electrode degradation assisted by gas phase contaminants in fuel and air; ceramic interconnects; advanced imaging techniques and tests to evaluate performance degradation.
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