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Leveraging Materials in Topology Optimization (By Invitation Only)

Manuscript Submission Deadline: October 01, 2020
Guest Editor: Natasha Vermaak
Co-Guest Editor:
Sponsored By: Other-Invited
Publication Date: March 2021
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Computational Materials Science & Engineering, ICME, Modeling and Simulation, Topology Optimization, Architected Materials, Materials Design
Scope: Topology optimization is pushing the frontiers of material design by decoupling and independently optimizing material properties and functionality. Topology optimization offers a mathematical framework to determine the most efficient material layout for prescribed constraints and loading conditions. It offers a framework for accessing unexplored and previously unachievable areas of material-property space. This topic will feature several invited contributions from researchers and artists innovating methods and applications of design and topology optimization for materials.
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