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Processing-Microstructure-Property Relations in Additive Manufactured Materials

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Guest Editor: Mohsen Asle Zaeem
Co-Guest Editors: Suresh Babu
Publication Date: March 2017
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing; Phase Transformations; Molten Metal and Solidification; Mechanical Properties; Characterization
Scope: Advancements in additive manufacturing technology have created the ability to design and construct parts with geometries and site-specific properties that cannot be achieved through traditional machining processes.  The main objective of this JOM topic is to present recent advancements in understanding of the relationships between complex microstructures and mechanical behavior of additive manufactured materials with regards to processing parameters and the influences of repetitive rapid solidification and solid-state phase transformations and their influence on the microstructure and strengthening mechanisms. Papers are requested in the following general topic areas relating to additive manufacturing and its influence on phases and properties: transient phenomena, phase transformation, and rapid solidification.