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Recent Advances in Multicomponent Alloys and Ceramics

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Guest Editor: Yong-Jie Hu
Co-Guest Editors: Bin Ouyang
Sponsored By: Alloy Phases
Publication Date: November 2022
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Alloy Phases, Ceramics, ICME, Physical Properties, High entropy materials
Scope: Materials with multiple principle elements, including high-entropy alloys, compositional complex alloys, and high-entropy ceramics, are receiving great attention due to their impressive properties for both structural and functional applications. This special topic explores the recent experimental and computational advancements in multicomponent alloys and ceramics, with emphases on (1) characterization and modeling of short-range ordering and phase stability; (2) novel theories and techniques for high-entropy material synthesis; (3) outstanding structural and functional properties; and (4) materials design driven by ICME and machine learning.