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Nanoporous and Nanoarchitectured Materials

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Guest Editor: Niaz Abdolrahim
Co-Guest Editors: Thomas Balk
Publication Date: October 2018
Keywords: Advanced Materials,Alloy Phases,Computational Materials Science & Engineering,Copper, Nickel, and Cobalt,Energy,Energy Conversion and Storage,Environmental Effects,Experimental Methods,ICME,Intermetallics,Mechanical Properties,Modeling and Simulation,Nanotechnology,Surface Modification and Coatings,Synthesis and Processing
Scope: Nanoporous and nanoarchitectured materials are attractive nanomaterials, offering large surface area and extremely light weights. The properties and applications of porous solids depend on their porosity, network structure, and surface area. Some potential applications include energy harvesting and storage, fuel cells, Li–ion batteries, hydrogen storage, catalysis, gas purification, separation technologies, and optics. This topic will cover advancement in synthesis, characterization and modeling of nanoporous and nanoarchitectured materials.