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Materials in Nanomedicine and Bioengineering

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Guest Editor: Tolou Shokuhfar
Co-Guest Editor:
Sponsored By: Biomaterials
Publication Date: January 2019
Scope: Most of the recent advances in medicine have been enabled by innovations in biomaterials, nanomaterials, nanoscience, and nanotechnology. Advanced biomaterials, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, as well as state of art technologies such as in situ liquid electron microscopy, bio nanomanufacturing and 3D bioprinting play an important role in medicine and bioengineering. More specifically bionanomaterials continue to be the focus of major research efforts around the world and play an important role in the development of new medical devices; diagnostic techniques; tissue repair, replacement, regeneration technologies, regenerative medicine, drug delivery systems and with combined approaches that are building upon theranostic applications. This topic will highlight advances in bio and nano material design, synthesis, simulation, and characterization various applications in medicine and bioengineering.