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Functional Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

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Guest Editor: Jiyoung Chang
Co-Guest Editors: Chang-Yong Nam
Sponsored By: Nanomaterials
Publication Date: December 2019
Keywords: Advanced Materials, electronic materials, energy conversion and storage, energy harvesting, flexible electronics, nanotechnology, piezoelectric nanowire, piezoelectric polymer, wearable electronics, thin films
Scope: Recent advances in flexible electronics need to deal with the demand for continuously increasing power output, which should be packed in a thinner and more flexible form factor. The scope of this topic will address nanomaterials for energy harvesting on a flexible substrate. Specifically, recent advances in the fabrication, characterization, and synthesis of energy harvesting nanomaterials, including piezoelectric nanowires, nanofibers, and thin film, for flexible substrate will be covered.