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Progress in High-Entropy Alloys

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Guest Editor: Chuan Zhang
Co-Guest Editors: Michael C. Gao
Sponsored By: Alloy Phases
Publication Date: October 2019
Keywords: Advanced materials, alloy phases, computational materials science and engineering, high-temperature materials, mechanical properties, modeling and simulation, phase transformations
Scope: High-entropy alloys (HEAs) loosely refer to multi-principal-element solid solution alloys due to their high configurational entropy. Their compositions are located in the center region of a multicomponent phase diagram, in contrast to traditional alloys that typically focus on the edge or corner of phase diagrams. The unique compositions and the resulting attractive properties of HEAs have stimulated growing research interest due to scientific curiosity and potential industrial applications. This special topic on high-entropy alloys invites contributions from authors working in the various fields of HEAs to disseminate the rapid progress in this fascinating and expanding class of advanced materials.