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Surface Engineering for Improved Corrosion or Wear Resistance: Part I

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Guest Editor: Tushar Borkar
Co-Guest Editors: Arif Mubarok
Sponsored By: Surface Engineering
Publication Date: December 2021
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Processing, High-Temperature Materials, Surface Modification and Coatings, Thin Films and Interfaces
Scope: Corrosion and wear are surface phenomena and therefore surface engineering has been used to improve both properties. Coatings, surface alloying, gradient structures, nanocrystallization, and inhibitors have been applied to tailor the surfaces for improved corrosion and wear resistance. This special topic focuses on capturing recent advancements in: 1) surface engineering technologies to improve corrosion and/or wear resistance and 2) theoretical understanding of corrosion and/or wear behavior of the surfaces.