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Exploring the Relationships Between Plastic Deformation and Heat

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Guest Editor: Aashish Rohatgi
Co-Guest Editors: Sean Agnew
Sponsored By: Shaping and Forming
Publication Date: February 2022
Keywords: Characterization, Experimental Methods, Fundamentals, Modeling and Simulation, Shaping and Forming, Phonons; Dislons;
Scope: This topic will exlore experimental, computational and theoretical methods to understand heat generation and heat transfer in materials, through the interactions between phonons, electrons, and dislocations. Manuscripts are invited that examine factors (composition, microstructure, etc.) that determine the fraction of work converted into heat, mechanisms of converting deformation to heat, role of “phonon radiation” of dislocations as they move at high velocities, etc. Novel experimental and computational approaches that enable determination of temperature/heat-generation in the plastic deformation zone are also of interest.