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Short Pulsed Lasers for Materials Modification, Characterization and Synthesis

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Guest Editor: Peter Hosemann
Co-Guest Editors: Jonathan Gregory Gigax
Sponsored By: Other-Invited
Publication Date: December 2021
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing,Advanced Processing,Characterization,Experimental Methods, Mesoscale Materials Interaction
Scope: The introduction of short pulsed lasers to materials characterization, geometric manipulation and materials synthesis in recent times enabled numerous new ways and possibilities to shed light on materials or to create unprecedented geometries in a short amount of time. Short pulsed lasers enable not only a wealth of pump-probe experiments to assess a materials thermal or elastic properties, or perform time resolved diffraction experiments, but also allow to rapidly change materials geometries with a minimum of damage to the material of interest. The latter aspect enables us to bridge the manufacturing mesoscale, it allows us to fabricate geometries in the µm-mm length scale with high precision in an efficient manner. Coupling this subtractive shaping with automated high-throughput characterization allows for large 3D characterization and the generation of new geometries for a wide range of materials. Furthermore, short pulsed lasers are used in micro-additive manufacturing, allowing to create new geometries on the micro scale via an additive process. This special topic will bring attention to the exciting developments in these areas.