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Advances in Reversible Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells for Energy Conversion

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Guest Editor: Soumendra Basu
Co-Guest Editors: Yu Zhong
Publication Date: December 2022
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Energy, Energy Conversion and Storage, Electrochemical Performance
Scope: Reversible solid oxide electrochemical cells (RSOECs) can play a key role in clean energy storage and conversion by utilizing the time varying difference in supply and demand of clean (solar and wind) energy. When supply exceeds demand, the RSOECs can be run in an electrolyzer mode using the excess energy to split steam and generate hydrogen. When demand exceeds supply, the hydrogen can be used to generate electricity by running the RSOECs in a fuel cell mode. The scope of this special topic includes electrochemical performance, microstructural and mechanical stability, new materials and modification techniques that reduce polarization in the electrodes and electrolyte, poisoning effects and mitigation, among others, when the RSOECs are run in the electrolyzer mode, fuel cell mode, as well as cycling between the two modes.