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2012 TMS Materials/Manufacturing Leaders Summit:
The Materials Innovation Process: Transformational Opportunities and Guiding Principles

TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 11–15, 2012 • Orlando, Florida

The TMS Materials/Manufacturing Leaders Summit series brings together thought leaders from the diverse sectors of the materials and manufacturing community to discuss and provide recommendations for fostering innovations that address key national and international concerns. The topic of the inaugural 2012 Summit was "The Materials Innovation Process: Transformational Opportunities and Guiding Principles," developed in response to the June 2012 announcement of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership—and specifically the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI). The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) had specifically encouraged TMS to use the Summit as a means of convening the materials and manufacturing communities to identify strategies for creating the innovation infrastructure necessary to support this transformative approach to materials discovery, development, and deployment. 

Through keynote presentations, business case studies, and discussion panels, Summit participants learned about the current state of the materials innovation infrastructure and how it has been effectively utilized. This provided the framework for an afternoon of facilitated breakout sessions focused on identifying key opportunities and approaches for realizing those opportunities, as well as beginning development of a set of shared principles to guide collaborative efforts. 

In addition to sharing the outputs of the Summit with the materials and manufacturing communities, TMS is also making the following Summit presentations available for download to enable broad awareness and dialogue on these important topics.

"The Materials Genome Initiative"
Cyrus Wadia
Assistant Director, Clean Energy and Materials Research and Development, OSTP

"Remarks on Materials and Manufacturing Innovation"
Tom Kalil
Deputy Director for Policy, OSTP (by video)

"Re-inventing Industrial Research and Development"
Michael Idelchik
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, GE Global Research

"Perspectives on Materials and Manufacturing Innovation"
Jack McDougle
Senior Vice President, The Council on Competitiveness

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