Recorded Presentations

The following selected presentations from TMS meetings and other events, listed in chronological order, are made available to the public to view at no charge. Please select an event below to view the associated presentations.

If you are interested in recordings of TMS webinars, please visit the TMS On-Demand Products web page.

MS&T16 Plenary Session 

Materials Science & Technology 2016 (MS&T16)
October 23-27, 2016 • Salt Lake City, Utah

Three award recipients deliver invited talks at the MS&T16 plenary session.

Building the STEM Workforce for a Robust Economy

2015 Materials Information Luncheon
September 16, 2015 • U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

These presentations explore the traditional issues surrounding the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) debate—such as how to build a more diverse, better equipped workforce to draw from and how the U.S. can compete in the global market for STEM professionals—as well as innovative ways to attract young people to STEM careers.

Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources (ESS: M&R II) Symposium

TMS 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 15–19, 2015 • Orlando, Florida

This symposium focused on which materials and resources are integral to meeting basic societal sustainability needs in critical areas of energy, transportation, housing, and recycling. Recordings from the symposium’s plenary session are now available.

Extraction & Processing Division Distinguished Lecture

TMS 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 15–19, 2015 • Orlando, Florida

View "Green Technology for Metals Production," delivered by Uday B. Pal, the recipient of the 2015 TMS Extraction & Processing Division Distinguished Lecture Award, during the TMS 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions (DMMM1)

July 29–31, 2014 • Washington D.C.

View selected presentations from the First TMS Summit on Creating and Sustaining Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions, including keynote presentations from industry, academia, and government. Summit highlights and the closing plenary are also included.

Innovation in Materials and Manufacturing

TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 6, 2013 • San Antonio, Texas

This special plenary, sponsored by the TMS Materials Innovation Committee, offered a closer look at transformational materials and manufacturing processes that offer significant gains to more rapid commercialization. Key findings that point to future directions in manufacturing innovation were featured. Presentations are available for download as PDFs.

Global R&D Trends—Implications for Material Sciences

TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 5, 2013 • San Antonio, Texas

Exploring the connections between fundamental R&D and materials science, within the context of a complex and often volatile global economy, was the focus of this symposium, which was organized to honor the accomplishments of Jeffrey Wadsworth, the 2013 Acta Materialia Materials and Society Award winner. Presentations are available in PDF format.

2012 TMS Materials/Manufacturing Leaders Summit: “The Materials Innovation Process: Transformational Opportunities and Guiding Principles”

TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 11–15, 2012 • Orlando, Florida

This summit brought together thought leaders from the diverse sectors of the materials and manufacturing community to discuss and provide recommendations for fostering innovations that address key national and international concerns. The topic of this summit was developed in response to the June 2012 announcement of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership—and specifically the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).

Reaching New Heights: Materials Innovation in the Aerospace Industry

TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
March 11–15, 2012 • Orlando, Florida

Through a series of cutting-edge case studies, this symposium offered insights that can be applied to many aspects of product manufacturing, with significant impact on economic security and the race to heightened competitiveness. This special plenary session was presented in cooperation with the TMS journal Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI). All of the presentations from the session are available for download.

Equipping the Next Generation Workforce for Materials Innovation

2012 Materials Information Luncheon
February 15, 2012 • Washington D.C.

A panel of distinguished speakers with a wide range of experience discusses views of workforce development to enable the next generation for materials innovation and global competitiveness.

Accelerating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation for Global Competitiveness

2011 Materials Information Luncheon
August 3, 2011 • Washington D.C.

Presentation slides are available from the 2011 Materials Information Luncheon held at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., sponsored by TMS and MRS.