Volume 23, Number 1, January 1994

This Month Featuring: Regular Issue Papers and Letters Section.


Improvement of GaAs/AIGaAs Quantum Well Laser Diodes by Rapid Thermal Annealing [pp. 1-6]
K. Xie, C.R. Wie, J.A. Varriano, and G.W. Wicks

Passivation of GaSb by Sulfur Treatment [pp. 7-12]
M. Pérotin, P. Coudray, L. Gouskou, H. Luquet, C. Llinarès, J.J. Bonnet, L. Soonckindt, and B. Lambert

Current Transport in Fluorine Implanted GaAs [pp. 13-18]
L. He and W.A. Anderson

Template Approaches to Growth of Oriented Oxide Heterostructures on SiO2/Si [pp. 19-24]
R. Ramesh, T. Sands, and V.G. Keramidas

Electrical Properties and Compositional Distributions of CVT and PVT Grown Hg1-x CdxTe Epilayers [pp. 25-30]
Yi-Gao Sha, M.P. Vole, and S.L. Lehoczky

The Impact of MOCVD Growth Ambient on Carrier Transport, Defects, and Performance of CdTe/CdS Heterodunction Solar Cells [pp. 31-38]
H.C. Chou and A. Rohatgi

Effects of Oxygen on Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Films and Polysilicon TFT Characteristics [pp. 39-46]
Yong-Min Ha, Seong-Hoon Lee, Chul-Hi Han, and Choong-Ki Kim

Solid- and Gas-Source "Hybrid" Si Molecular Beam Epitaxy for a Si1-xGex/Si Single Quantum Well Electroluminescent Device [pp. 47-52]
Y. Kate, S. Fukatsu, and Y. Shiraki

Effect of Barrier Layers on BaTiO3 Thin Film Capacitors on Si Substrates [pp. 53-56]
Q.X. Jia, Z.Q. Shi, J. Yi, and W.A. Anderson

Light Emission from Crystalline Silicon and Amorphous Silicon Oxide (SiOx) Nanoparticles [pp. 57-62]
P.D. Milewski, D.J. Lichtenwalner, P. Mehta, A.l. Kingon, D. Zhang, and R.M. Kolbas


Lattice Electromigration in Narrow Al Alloy Thin-Film Conductors at Low Temperatures [pp. 63-66]
A.S. Oates and D.L. Barr

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