Volume 23, Number 2, February 1994

This Month Featuring: Special Issue on the 1993 Workshop on Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy


Foreword [p. 67]
J.J. Coleman and P. Daniel Daphus

Probing the Mechanisms of Growth of Gallium Arsenide by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Using Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Designed Precursors [pp. 69-74]
D.F. Foster, C. Glidewell, and David J. Cole-Hamilton

Growth of High Mobility InSb by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 75-80]
D.L. Partin, L. Green, and J. Heremans

High Quality Compressively Strained InP-Based GaInAs(P)/GaInAsP Multi-Quantum Well Laser Structures Grown by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 81-86]
S.D. Perrin, C.P. Seltzer, and P. C. Spurdens

Tertiarybutylarsine and Tertiarbutylphosphine for the MOCVD Growth of Low Threshold 1.55 µm InxGa1-xAs/InP Quantum-Well Lasers [pp. 87-92]
M.E. Heimbuch, A.L. Holmes, Jr., C.M Reaues, M.P. Mack, S.P. DenBaars, and L.A. Coldren

Constant Indium Delivery from Trimethylindium/Hexadecane Slurry [pp. 93-96]
L. W. Tannin, R.H. Pearce, and D. W. Webb

Lateral Growth of GaAs on Patterned {1 1 1}B Substrates for the Fabrication of Nano Wires Using Metalorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy [pp. 97-100]
Yasuhiko Nomura, Yoshitaka Morishita, Shigeo Goto, and Yoshifumi Katayama

Impurity Induced Disordering of OMVPE-Grown ZnSe/ZnS Strained Layer Superlattices by Germanium Diffusion [pp. 101-104]
T. Yokagawa, P.D. Floyd, M.M Hashemi and J.L. Merz

Photodissociation Dynamics of DMZn at 193 nm: Implications for the Growth of ZnSe Films by Laser-Assisted Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 105-114]
Joseph A. Elias, Peter J. Wisoff, and William L. Wilson, Jr.

Wavelength Tuning in Strained Layer InGaAs-GaAs-AlGaAs Quantum Well Lasers by Selective-Area MOCVD [pp. 115-120]
T.M. Cockerill, D.V. Forbes, H. Han, B.A. Turkot, J.A. Dantzig, I.M. Robertson, and J.J. Coleman

Atmospheric and Low Pressure Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth of Vertical Quantum Wells and Quantum Well Wires on Submicron Gratings [pp. 121-124]
G. Vermeire, I. Moerman, Z.Q. Yu, F. Vermaerke, P. Van Daele, and P. Demeester

Control of Ordering in GaInP and Effect on Bandgap Energy [pp. 125-134]
L.C. Su, S.T. Pu, G.B. Stringfellow, J. Christen, H. Selber, and D. Bimberg

Optical and Crystallographic Properties of High Perfection InP Grown on Si (111) [pp. 135-140]
A. Krost, F. Heinrichsdorff, F. Schnabel, K. Schatke, D. Bimberg, and H. Cerva

High Electron Mobility in (InAs)n (GaAs)n Short Period Superlattices Grown by MOVPE for High-Electron Mobility Transistor Structure [pp. 141-146]
J.P. André, A. Deswarte, E. Lugagne-Delpon, P. Voisin, and P. Ruterana

Growth of (GaAs)1-x (Ge2)x by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 147-152]
S.M Vernon, M.M. Sanfacon, and R.K Ahrenkiel

Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth and Structural Characterization of GaAs/InP Heterostructures [pp. 153-158]
G. Attolini, P. Franzosi C. Pelosi, L. Lazzarini and G. Salviati

Optimization of Selective Area Growth of GaAs by Low Pressure Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for Monolithic Integrated Circuits [pp. 159-166]
H. Kanber, S.X Bar, P.E. Norris, C. Beckham, and M. Pacer

Integrated In Situ Monitoring of a Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Reactor for II-VI Epitaxy [pp. 167-174]
S.J.C. Irvine, J. Bajaj, and R.V. Gil

Ion Beam Mixing Characteristics of MOCVD Grown InGaAs/GaAs Superlattices [pp. 175-178]
D.V. Forbes, J.J. Coleman, J.L. Klatt, and R.S. Averback

In Situ Spectral Reflectance Monitoring of III-V Epitaxy [pp. 179-184]
K.P. Killeen and W.G. Breiland

Adjusting Trimethylgallium Injection Time to Explore Atomic Layer Epitaxy of GaAs Between 425 and 500°C by Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 185-190]
C A. Wang and D.M Tracy

Interdiffusion and Relaxation in Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Grown InGaAs/GaAs Strained Layer Quantum Wells [pp. 191-194]
A.K Srivastava, B.M Arora, and S. Banerjee

In Situ Observation of Surface Morphology of InP Grown on Singular and Vicinal (001) Substrates [pp. 195-200]
K.A. Bertness, C. Kramer, J.M. Olson, and John Moreland

Strain Distribution in InP Grown on Patterned Si: Direct Visualization by Cathodoluminescence Wavelength Imaging [pp. 201-206]
M. Grundmann, J. Christen, F. Heinrichsdorff, A. Krost, and D. Bimberg

Growth of InAlGaAs Strained Quantum Well Structures for Reliable 0.8 µm Lasers [pp. 207-216]
J.A. Baumann, R.J. Dalby, R.G. Waters, S.L. Yellen, C. Harding, and A. Shepard

Growth Kinetics of GaSb by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 217-220]
Wei Guang-yu and Peng Rui-wu

Reaction Kinetics Control in Preparation of CdTe and HgCdTe by Hot Wall Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 221-224]
Ding Yong-qing, Wei Guang-yu, and Peng Rui-wu

Atmospheric and Low Pressure Shadow Masked MOVPE Growth of InGaAs(P)/InP and (In)GaAs/(Al)GaAs Heterostructures and Quantum Wells [pp. 225-232]
G. Coudenys, I. Moerman, G. Vermeire, F. Vermaerke, Y. Zhu, P. Van Daele, P. Demeester, E. Maayan, B. Elsner, J. Salzman, and E. Finkman

High Performance InP JFETs Grown by MOCVD Using Tertiarybutylphosphine [pp. 233-238]
M.M. Hashemi J.B. Shealy, P.J. Corvini S.P. DenBaars, and U.K Mishra

Carbon and Hydrogen Incorporation in ZnTe Layers Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 239-242]
Hervé Dumont, Ludvik Svob, Dominique Ballutaud, and Ouri Gorochov

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