Volume 23, Number 5, May 1995

This Month Featuring: Regular Issue Papers.


Ordering and Disordering of Doped Ga0.5In0.5P [pp. 431-436]
Sarah R. Kurtz, J.M. Olson, D. J. Friedman, A.E. Kibbler, and S. Asher

Epitaxial Ge Layers on Si via GexSi1-xO2 Reduction: The Roles of the Hydrogen Partial Pressure and the Ge Content [pp. 437-440]
W.S. Liu, M.-A. Nicolet, T.K Carns, and K.L. Wang

Au/Ge/Ni Ohmic Contacts to n-Type InP [pp. 441-446]
D.G. Ivey, D. Wang, D. Yang, R. Bruce, and G. Knight

Pyrolysis of Diisopropylantimony Hydride: A New Precursor for Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 447-452]
C.W. Hill, M. Tao, R. W. Gedridge, Jr., and G.B. Stringfellow

Improved Efficiency in Green Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes with Air-Stable Electrodes [pp. 453-458]
C. Zhang, S. Höger, K. Pabbaz, F. Wudl, and A.J. Heeger

Investigation of the 1.20-eV Photoluminescence Band in Rapid Thermal Annealed InP [pp. 459-464]
C.S. Ma, P.W. Chan, V.C. Lo, C.W. Ong, and S.P. Wong

Growth and Characterization of a GaAs/AlAs Superlattice with Variable Layer Thicknesses [pp. 465-470]
H.K. Lipsanen and V.M. Airaksinen

Low Temperature Fired Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors [pp. 471-476]
In-Chyuan Ho and Huey-Lin Hsieh

Microstructural Development of Eutectic Bi-Sn and Eutectic In-Sn During High Temperature Deformation [pp. 477-486]
J.L. Freer Goldstein and J.W. Morris, Jr.

Electronic Passivation of Silicon Surfaces by Halogens [pp. 487-491]
Hichem M'saud, Jurgen Michel, J.J. Lappe, and L.C. Kimerling

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