Volume 23, Number 8, August 1994

This Month Featuring: Special Issue on Lead-Free Solder, Regular Issue Papers, and Letters Section.


Foreword [p. 691]
S. Jin, D.R. Frear, and J.W. Morris, Jr.

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Pb-Free Solder Alloys for Low-Cost Electronic Assembly: A Review [pp. 693-700]
Judith Glazer

Lead (Pb)-Free Solders for Electronic Packaging [pp. 701-708]
Sung K. Kang and Amit K. Sarkhel

In Search of New Lead-Free Electronic Solders [pp. 709-714]
E.P. Wood and K.L. Nimmo

Improved Mechanical Properties in New, Pb-Free Solder Alloys [pp. 715-720]
M. McCormack and S. Jin

Solid State Intermetallic Compound Growth Between Copper and High Temperature, Tin-Rich Solders--Part I: Experimental Analysis [pp. 721-728]
P.T. Vianco, K.L. Erickson, and P.L. Hopkins

Solid State Intermetallic Compound Growth Between Copper and High Temperature, Tin-Rich Solders--Part II: Modeling [pp. 729-734]
K.L. Erickson, P.L. Hopkins, and P.T. Vianco

Dispersoid Additions to a Pb-Free Solder for Suppression of Microstructural Coarsening [pp. 735-740]
S. Jin and M. McCormack

Investigation of Multi-Component Lead-Free Solders [pp. 741-746]
M.E. Loomans, S. Vaynman, G. Ghosh, and M.E. Fine

A Thermodynamic Study of the Phase Equilibria in the Bi-Sn-Sb System [pp. 747-756]
H. Ohtani and K Ishida

Evaluation of Lead-Free Solder Joints in Electronic Assemblies [pp. 757-764]
I. Artaki A.M. Jackson, and P.T. Vianco

Microstructure Evolution of Eutectic Sn-Ag Solder Joints [pp. 765-772]
Wenge Yang, Robert W. Messler, Jr., and Lawrence E. Felton

Role of Tin Content in the Wetting of Cu and Au by Tin-Bismuth Solders [pp. 773-778]
Tamar A. Powers, T.J. Singler, and J.A. Clum

The Influence of Temperature and Humidity on Printed Wiring Board Surface Finishes: Immersion Tin vs Organic Azoles [pp. 779-786]
U. Ray, I. Artaki, H.M. Gordon, and P.T. Vianco

Intermetallic Phase Formation in Thin Solid-Liquid Diffusion Couples [pp. 787-790]
F. Bartels, J.W. Morris, Jr., G. Dalke, and W. Gust


A Comparison of TMGa and TEGa for Low-Temperature Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of CCl4-Doped InGaAs [pp. 791-800]
S.A. Stockman, A W. Hanson, C.M. Colomb, M.T. Fresina, J.E. Baker, and G.E. Stillman

An Accurate and Computationally Efficient Semi-Empirical Model for Arsenic Implants into Single-Crystal (100) Silicon [pp. 801-808]
Shyh-Horng Yang, Steven J. Morris, Dauid L. Lim, Al F. Tasch, Robert B. Simonton, Dennis Kamenitsa, Charles Magee, and Gayle Lux

Comparison of Mg and Zn Gate Implants for GaAs n-Channel Junction Field Effect Transistors [pp. 809-818]
M.E. Sherwin, J.C. Zolper, A.G. Baca, T.J. Drummond, R.J. Shul, A.J. Howard, D.J. Rieger, R.P. Schneider, and J.F. Klem

Feasibility of BCB as an Interlevel Dielectric in Integrated Circuits [pp. 819-826]
S. Bothra, M. Kellam, and P. Garrou

Patterning and Etching of Amorphous Teflon Films [pp. 827-830]
C.-C. Cho, R.M. Wallace, and L.A. Files-Sesler


Low-Temperature Photoluminescence of SiGe/Si Disordered Multiple Quantum Wells and Quantum Well Wires [pp. 831-834]
J. Lee, S.H. Li, J. Singh, and P.K Bhattacharya

Chemical Etching of ZnSe Crystals [pp. 835-838]
Hitoshi Tamura, Yasuo Okuno, and Hiroyuki Kato

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