Volume 23, Number 9, September 1994

This Month Featuring: Special Issue on Synthesis and Processing of Electronic Materials and Regular Issue Papers.


Foreword [p. 839]
Rajiv Singh and K. Rajan

Experimental Investigations of Superconductivity in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Epitaxial Copper Oxide Superlattices and Trilayers [pp. 841-848]
Douglas H. Lowndes and David P. Norton

Composition of Pulsed-Laser-Deposited Y-Ba-Cu-O and Ba-K-Bi-O Thin Films [pp. 849-854]
M.C. Foote, R.P. Vasquez, B.B. Jones, B.D. Hunt, and J.B. Barner

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Carbon Films: Dependence of Film Properties on Laser Wavelength [pp. 855-860]
P.T. Murray and D.T. Peeler

Domain Epitaxial Growth of TiN/Si(001), TiN/GaAs(001), and Si/TiN/Si(001) Heterostructures by Laser Physical Vapor Deposition: Theory and Experiment [pp. 861-874]
K. Jagannadham, J. Narayan, R. Chowdbury, Z. Tsvetanka, and P. Tiwari

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Epitaxial BaxSr1-xTiO3/YBa2Cu3O7 Bilayers on LaAlO3 Substrates [pp. 875-878]
S.D. Harkness, C.F. Yue, M.A. Borek, and R.K Singh

Synthesis and Characterization of Pb(Zr0.54Ti0.46)O3 Thin Films on (100)Si Using Textured YBa2Cu3O7- and Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Buffer Layers by Laser Physical Vapor Deposition Technique [pp. 879-882]
P. Tiwari, T. Zheleva and J. Narayan

Low Temperature Passivation of Si1-xGex Alloys by Dry High Pressure Oxidation [pp. 883-888]
C. Caragianis, Y. Shigesato, and D.C. Paine

Crystallographic Evolution of Microstructure in Thin Film Processing: Part I. Grain Size Distribution [pp. 889-892]
J.A. Trogolo, R. Roy, J. J. Cuomo, and Krishna Rajan

Crystallographic Evolution of Microstructure in Thin Film Processing: Part II. Grain Boundary Structure [pp. 893-900]
Ronald R. Petkie, K.N. Tu and Krishna Rajan

Nanocrystalline Ge Synthesis by the Chemical Reduction of Hydrothermally Grown Si0.6Ge0.4O2 [pp. 901-906]
David C. Paine, Tae Young Kim, Christine Caragianis, and Yuzo Shigesato

Processing Effects on the Morphological Stability at Epitaxial Interfaces [pp. 907-912]
Raui M. Bhathal and Krishna Rajan

Critical Issues in Thin Film Microstructure Development [pp. 913-918]
R.K Singh and K Rajan


Intermetallic Embrittlemenent of Thin Unsupported Tin/Copper Specimens [pp. 919-924]
G.B. Freeman, B.R. Livesay, J. Bradley, Yi Xu, and E.G. O'Neil

Optocoupler Made from Semiconducting Polymers [pp. 925-928]
G. Yu, K Pabbaz, and A. J. Heeger

Dislocation-Induced Deep Level States in In0.08Ga0.92As/GaAs Heterostructures [pp. 929-934]
A. Raisanen, L.J. Brillson, R.S. Goldman, K.L. Kavanagh, and H. Wieder

Dopant Activation Energy and Hole Effective Mass in Heavily Zn-Doped InP [pp. 935-942]
K. Hansen, E. Peiner, A. Schlachetzki, and M. von Ortenberg

Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Diodes and S Passivation and Si Interface Control Layers on GaAs and InP [pp. 943-952]
D. Landheer, Z.-H. Lu, J.-M Baribeau, L.J. Huang and W.M. Lau

Ohmic Contact Formation in Palladium-Based Metaliizations to e-Type InP [pp. 953-962]
Ping Jian, Douglas G. Ivey, Robert Bruce, and Gordon Knight

Observation of Phase Separation in Hg1-xCdxTe Solid Solutions by Low Incident Angle X-Ray Diffraction [pp. 963-968]
Heribert Wiedemeier and Kuo-Tong Chen

Contrast Modulations in InAlAs/InP [pp. 969-974]
F. Peiró, A. Cornet, J.R. Morante, A. Georgakilas, and A. Christou

Growth and Characterization of (111)B InGaAs/GaAs Multi-Quantum Well PIN Diode Structures [pp. 975-982]
J.P.R. David, R. Grey, G.J. Rees, A.S. Pabla, T.E. Sale, J. Woodhead, J.L. Sanchez-Rojas, M.A. Pate, G. Hill, P.N. Robson, R.A. Hogg, T.A. Fisher, M.S. Skolnick, D.M. Whittaker, A.R.K Willcox, and D.J. Mowbray

Formation Mechanism of InxGa1-xAs Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs Prepared by Radio Frequency Sputtering [pp. 983-990]
Chihiro J. Uchibori, Masayuki Okunishi, T. Oku, A. Otsuki, Naoki Ono, and Masanori Murakami

Electrical and Structural Properties of GeMoW Ohmic Contact to an In0.5Ga0.5As Cap Layer on n-Type GaAs [pp. 991-996]
K.G. Merkel, V.M Bright, S.N. Schauer, L.M. Casas, and S.D. Walek

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