Volume 23, Number 10, October 1994

This Month Featuring: Special Issue on the Development of Microstructure in Deposited Thin Films, Regular Issue Papers, and Letters Section.


Foreword [p. 997]
Krishna Rajan, David B. Knorr, and John E. Sanchez, Jr.

Coarsening of Three-Dimensional Droplets by Two-Dimensional Diffusion: Part I. Experiment [pp. 999-1006]
J.R. Rogers, J.P. Downey, W.K. Witherow, B.R. Facemire, D.O. Frazier, V.E. Fradkov, S.S. Mani, and M.E. Glicksman

Coarsening of Three-Dimensional Droplets by Two-Dimensional Diffusion: Part II. Theory [pp. 1007-1014]
V.E. Fradkov, S.S. Mani, M.E. Glicksman, J.R. Rogers, J.P. Downey, W.K. Witherow, B.R. Facemire, and D.O. Frazier

Effect of Dopants on Arsenic Precipitation in GaAs Deposited at Low Temperatures [pp. 1015-1020]
V. Mahadev, M.R. Melloch, J.M. Woodall, N. Otsuka, and G.L. Liedl

Interactions of Dislocations and Antiphase (Inversion) Domain Boundaries in III-V/IV Heteroepitaxy [pp. 1021-1026]
Eric P. Kvam

Microstructural Transitions in Titanium-Aluminum Thin Film Multilayers [pp. 1027-1034]
Rajiv Ahuja and Hamish L. Fraser

Transmission Electron Microscopy Detection of Microtexture Variations and Their Effects on Thin Film Stability [pp. 1035-1042]
Karen E. Harris and Alexander H. King

Microstructure of Sputtered Epitaxial Ni0.80Fe0.20/NixCo1-x Exchange Coupled Bilayers on -Al2O3 (0001) [pp. 1043-1046]
W. Cao, G. Thomas, M.J. Carey, and A.E. Berkowitz


The Effect of Substrate Surface Roughness on the Fracture Toughness of Cu/96.5Sn-3.5Ag Solder Joints [pp. 1047-1054]
E.I. Stromswold, R.E. Pratt, and D.J. Quesnel

A Simplified Model Describing Enhanced Growth Rates During Vapor Phase Selective Epitaxy [pp. 1055-1060]
M.F. Zybura, S.H. Jones, J.M. Duva, and J. Durgavich

(AlGa)As Grown by Low Pressure Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Using a N2 Carrier [pp. 1061-1066]
M. Hollfelder, Hilde Hardtdegen, R. Meyer, R. Carius, and H. Lüth

Effect of Nitridation on the Electrical Properties of W:Ti Resistors [pp. 1067-1070]
E. Lisicka-Skrzek, W. Coyne, G. Millar, and O. Berolo

Current-Voltage Characteristics of Electric Contacts on p-Type ZnSe [pp. 1071-1074]
Z. Yang and J.F. Schetzina

The Effects of Deposition Temperature on the Interfacial Properties of SiH4 Reduced Blanket Tungsten on TiN Glue Layer [pp. 1075-1080]
Young J. Lee, Chong-Ook Park, Dong-Won Kim, and John S. Chun


Gas Composition Dependence of Silicon Nitride Used as Gallium Diffusion Barrier During GaAs Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth on Si Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor [pp. 1081-1083]
J.A. Walker, K.W. Goossen, J.E. Cunningham, and W.Y. Jan

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