Volume 25, Number 1, January 1996

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the symposium on Ion Beam and Laser Processing of Materials. View January 1996 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 1]
Rajiv Singh and Wayne Holland

Effect of Ion Dose Rate on Rapid Laser Annealing of Implanted GaAs [pp. 3-5]
K. Masuda, K. Murakami, and H.Y. Nan

Mechanism of Defect Formation in Low-Dose Oxygen Implanted Silicon-on-Insulator Material [pp. 7-12]
S. Bagchi, J.D. Lee, S.J. Krause, and P. Roitman

Thin Film Silicon on Insulator Substrates and Their Application to Integrated Circuits [pp. 13-21]
S.R. Wilson, T. Wetteroth, S. Hong, H. Shin, B.-Y. Hwang, J. Foerstner, M. Racanelli, M. Huang, and H.C. Shin

Synthesis of Metastable Carbon-Silicon-Nitrogen Compounds by Ion Implantation [pp. 23-26]
C. Uslu and B. Park, D.B. Poker

Optical Properties of Multicomponent Nanometer Dimension Metal Colloids Formed in Silica by Sequential Ion Implantation of In and Ag and In and Cu [pp. 27-33]
T.S. Anderson, R.H. Magruder III, R.A. Zuhr, and J.E. Wittig

The Development of Biaxial Alignment in Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Films Fabricated by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition [pp. 35-42]
Kevin G. Ressler, Neville Sonnenberg, and Michael J. Cima

Visible and Infrared (1.54 um) Emission From Er-Implanted Porous Si For Photonic Applications [pp. 43-49]
Fereydoon Namavar, Feng Lu, Clive H. Perry, Annmarie Cremins, Nader Kalkhoran, and Richard A. Soref

Synthesis of Low Resistivity Complex Oxides on MgO Using Pt as Buffer Layer [pp. 51-55]
P. Tiwari, X.D. Wu, S.R. Foltyn, I.H. Campbell, Q.X. Jia, R.E. Muenchausen, D.E. Peterson, and T.E. Mitchell

Pulsed Laser Deposition and Physical Properties of Carbon Nitride Thin Films [pp. 57-62]
Z. John Zhang, Shoushan Fan, Jinlin Huang, and Charles M. Lieber

Thermal Expansion, Molar Volume and Specific Heat of Diamond from 0 to 3000K [pp. 63-67]
Robert R. Reeber and Kai Wang

Photolytic Deposition of Aluminum Nitride and Oxy-Nitride Films at Temperatures ¾350K [pp. 69-74]
Gouri Radhakrishnan and Jeffrey R. Lince

Al, Al/C and Al/Si Implantations in 6H-SiC [pp. 75-80]
Mulpuri V. Rao, Peter Griffiths, Jason Gardner, O.W. Holland, M. Ghezzo, J. Kretchmer, G. Kelner and J.A. Freitas, Jr.

Deposition and Surface Treatment with Intense Pulsed Ion Beams [pp. 81-85]
J.C. Olson, H.A. Davis, D.J. Rej, W.J. Waganaar, R.W. Stinnett and D.C. Mc Intyre

Strain Evolution and Dopant Activation in P-Implanted Metastable Pseudomorphic Si(100)/Ge0.12Si0.88 [pp. 87-92]
D.Y.C. Lie, J.H. Song, F. Eisen, M.-A. Nicolet and N.D. Theodore

SIMOX Research, Development, and Manufacturing [pp. 93-97]
Lisa P. Allen, Theodore H. Smick, and Geoffrey Ryding

Implantation of Si under Extreme Conditions: The Effects of High Temperature and Dose on Damage Accumulation [pp. 99-106]
O.W. Holland, Ling Xie, Bent Nielsen and D.S. Zhou

Dose-Rate Effects in Silicon-Implanted Gallium Arsenide From Low to High Doses [pp. 107-111]
C. Jasper, R. Morton, S.S. Lau, T.E. Haynes, J.W. Mayer and K.S. Jones

Low Energy Ion Bombardment Effects in Gold/Aluminum Nitride/Silicon Junctions [pp. 113-118]
T. Stacy, B.Y. Liaw, and A.H. Khan

A Study of the Ion Implantation Damage and Annealing Behavior in GaSb [pp. 119-124]
S. Iyer, R. Parakkat, B. Mangalam, B. Patnaik, M. Falvo, and N. Parikh

Transient Plasma Shielding Effects During Pulsed Laser Ablation of Materials [pp. 125-129]
Rajiv K. Singh

Study of High-Quality Epitaxial YBCO Thin Films Grown Directly on Y-Cut LiNbO3 [pp. 131-135]
P. Tiwari, X.D. Wu, S.R. Foltyn, R.E. Muenchausen, P.N. Arendt, I.H. Campbell, Q.X. Jia, D.E. Peterson and T.E. Mitchell

Excimer Laser-Assisted Planarization of Thick Diamond Films [pp. 137-142]
Rajiv K. Singh and Dong-Gu Lee

Laser Processing of BN and AlN Films [pp. 143-149]
J. Narayan, H. Wu, and R.D. Vispute

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Titanium Nitride and Diamond-Like Carbon Films on Polymers [pp. 151-156]
R.D. Vispute, J. Narayan, and K. Jagannadham

Cavity Formation and Impurity Gettering in He-Implanted Si [pp. 151-164]
D.M. Follstaedt, S.M. Myers, G.A. Petersen, and J.W. Medernach

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