Volume 25, Number 3, March 1996

This Month Featuring: Proceeding of the symposium on Advances in Indium Phosphide, Related Materials and Processing Part I: Epitaxy and Bulk. View March 1996 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 325]
Joe Lorenzo, Hajime Asahi, Osamu Wada, and Hideki Hasegawa

Crystal Anomaly at the Center of S Doped InP Wafers Grown by the LEC Method [pp. 327-330]
Y. Iguchi, T. Iwasaki, and N. Yamabayashi

Electrical Properties of the Hydrogen Defect in InP and the Microscopic Structure of the 2316 cm-1 Hydrogen Related Line [pp. 331-335]
F.X. Zach, E.E. Haller, D. Gabbe, G. Iseler, G.G. Bryant, and D.F. Bliss

Fine Structures of Residual Strain Distribution in Fe-Doped InP-(100) Wafers Grown by the LEC and VCZ Methods [pp. 337-342]
Masayuki Fukuzawa and Masayoshi Yamada

Study on Microscopic Defects in Fe-Doped InP Single Crystals [pp. 343-346]
K. Kohiro, R. Hirano, and O. Oda

Reduction of Dislocation Densities in InP Single Crystals by the LEC Method Using Thermal Baffles [pp. 347-351]
R. Hirano and M. Uchida

Effect of Annealing Conditions on the Uniformity of Undoped Semi-Insulating InP [pp. 353-356]
K. Kainosho, M. Otho, M. Uchida, M. Nakamura, and O. Oda

Multicomponent Zone Melting Growth of Ternary InGaAs Bulk Crystal [pp. 357-361]
T. Suzuki, K. Nakajima, T. Kusunoki, and T. Katoh

Mesoscopic Nonuniformity of Wafer-Annealed Semi-Insulating InP [pp. 363-367]
G. Hirt, D. Wolf, B. Hoffmann, U. Kretzer, G. Kühnel, A. Woitech, D. Zemke, and G. Muller

Improved Selective Growth of InP Around Dry-Etched Mesas by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition at Low Growth Temperature [pp. 369-374]
M. Takemi, T. Kimura, T. Miura, K. Goto, Y. Mihashi, and S. Takamiya

InAlGaAs Selective MOVPE Growth with Bandgap Energy Shift [pp. 375-378]
T. Takeuchi, M. Tsuji, K. Makita, and K. Taguchi

Properties of InAsxP1-x Layer Formed by P-As Exchange Reaction on (001)InP Surface Exposed to As4 Beam [pp. 379-384]
B.X. Yang, L. He, and H. Hasegawa

MOVPE Growth of Strained InGaAs/InAlAs MQWs for a Polarization-Insensitive Electroabsorption Modulator [pp. 385-388]
S. Kondo, K. Wakita, Y. Noguchi, N. Yoshimoto, M. Nakao, and K. Nakashima

Temporally Resolved Selective ReGrowth of InP Around [110] and [] Mesas [pp. 389-394]
S. Lourdudoss, E. Rodríguez Messmer, O. Kjebon, and G. Landgren

Structural and Optical Characterization of InP/GaInP Islands Grown by Solid-Source MBE [pp. 365-400]
A. Kurtenbach, C. Ulrich, N.Y. Jin-Phillipp, F. Noll, K. Eberl, K. Syassen, and F. Phillipp

Selective MOVPE Growth of InGaAsP and InGaAs Using TBA and TBP [pp. 401-406]
Y. Sakata, T. Nakamura, S. Ae, T. Terakado, Y. Inomoto, T. Torikai, and H. Hasumi

High-Mobility Ga0.47In0.53As/InP Heterostructure by Atmospheric-Pressure MOVPE Using Cyclopentadienyl Indium [pp. 407-410]
M. Usada, K. Sato, R. Takeuchi, K. Onuma, and T. Udagawa

Selective Growth of InP by MOCVD Around Dry-Etched Mesas Having Various Patterns for Photonic Integrated Circuits [pp. 411-414]
K. Goto, M. Takemi, T. Miura, A. Takemoto, and Y. Mihashi

AlGaAsSb Buffer/Barrier on GaAs Substrate for InAs Channel Devices With High Electron Mobility and Practical Reliability [pp. 415-420]
S. Miya, S. Muramatsu, N. Kuze, K. Nagase, T. Iwabuchi, A. Ichii, M. Ozaki, and I. Shibasaki

Selective Area Growth of InP by Plasma Assisted Solid-Source Epitaxy [pp. 421-424]
I. Aller and H.L. Hartnagel

Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of MgZnCdSe on (100) InP Substrates [pp. 425-430]
Toshihiro Morita, Akihiko Kikuchi, Ishirou Nomura, and Katsumi Kishino

Self-Organization Phenomenon of Strained InGaAs on InP (311) Substrates Grown by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 431-437]
Jiro Temmyo, Atsuo Kozen, Toshiaki Tamamura, Richard Nötzel, Takashi Fukui, and Hideki Hasegawa

Growth Mode Transition Processes in a GaAs/InP System Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy [pp. 439-441]
Shunsuke Ohkouchi, Nobuyuki Ikoma, and Masoa Tamura

Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of InP Using the Novel P-Source Ditertiarybutyl Phosphine (DitBuPH) [pp. 443-448]
H. Protzmann, Z. Spika, B. Spill, G. Zimmermann, W. Stolz, E.O. Göbel, P. Gimmnich, and J. Lorberth

Growth and Characterization of Heavily Carbon Doped InGaAs Lattice Matched to InP by LP-MOCVD Using Liquid CCl4 [pp. 449-455]
Kyushik Hong and Dimitris Pavlidis

Highly Controlled InGaAs(P)/InP MQW Interfaces Grown by MOVPE Using TBA and TBP Precursors [pp. 457-461]
T. Nakamura, S. Ae, T. Terakado, T. Torikai, and T. Uji

Chlorine Auto-Doping by Chloride Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth of InP [pp. 463-466]
T. Iwasaki, Y. Iguchi, N. Yamabayashi, and S. Yoneyama


Characteristics and Device Applications of Erbium Doped III-V Semiconductors Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy [pp. 467-477]
S. Sethi and P.K. Bhattacharya

Realization of In-Situ Sub Two-Dimensional Quantum Structures by Strained Layer Growth Phenomena in the In1-xGaxAs/GaAs System [pp. 479-483]
J. Pamulapati, P.K. Bhattacharya, J. Singh, P.R. Berger, C.W. Snyder, B.G. Orr, and R.L. Tober

LP-MOCVD Grown (InAs)m(GaAs)m Short Period Superlattices on InP [pp. 485-489
Dae Kon Oh, Kyung Soo Suh, Heungro Choo, Hong Man Kim, Kwang Eui Pyun, Hyoung-Moo Park, and Sahn Nahm

OMVPE Grown GaInAs:C for HBTs [pp. 491-495]
C. Caneau, R. Bhat, S. Goswami, and M.A. Koza

Interband Magneto-Absorption in Narrow-Gap HgTe/CdTe Superlattice Structures [pp. 497-500]
R. Sizmann, P. Helgesen, T. Colin, T. Skauli, and S. Løvold

Current-Voltage Characteristics and X-Ray Diffraction Study of Pd/Si1-xGex Schottky Contacts [pp. 501-505]
L. He, Z.Q. Shi, and Y.D. Zheng

Hydrogen Etching for Semiconductor Materials in Plasma Doping Experiment [pp. 507-511]
Shu Qin, James D. Bernstein, and Chung Chan

Investigation of Strain-Compensated InGaAs(P)/InGaAs(P)/InP Multiple Quantum Well Strucutres Grown by LP-MOVPE [pp. 513-517]
Haiyan An, Shuren Yang, and Shiyong Liu

Deposition of InGaAsP Alloys on GaAs by Low Pressure Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy: Theory and Experiments [pp. 519-525]
S. Pellegrino and L. Vitali

High Quality Gate Dielectrics formed by Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silane and Nitrous Oxide [pp. 527-534]
Veena Misra, Xiaoli Xu, Brian E. Hornung, Richard T. Kuehn, Donald S. Miles, John R. Hauser, and Jimmie J. Wortman

Surface Passivation of InP/In0.53Ga0.47As Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for Opt-Electronic Integration [pp. 537-540]
Dong-Su Kim, Chih-Ping Chao, Kian Beyzavi, Paul E. Burrows, and Stephen R. Forrest

Analysis of Ion Beam Induced Damage and Amorphization of 6H-SiC by Raman Scattering [pp. 541-547]
A. Pérez-Rodríguez, Y. Pacaud, L. Calvo-Barrio, C. Serre, W. Skorupa, and J.R. Morante


Noise Investigation of Ultraviolet Laser Induced Grain Structure on Polyimide Films [pp. 549-551]
Z. Kocsis, Z.S. Kincses, B. Hopp, G. Ripka, and I. Mojzes

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