Volume 25, Number 4, April 1996

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the symposium on Advances in Indium Phosphide, Related Materials and Processing Part II: Processing and Characterization. View April 1996 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 553]
Joe Lorenzo, Hajime Asahi, Osamu Wada, and Hideki Hasegawa

High Electron Mobility 18300 cm2/V.s in the InAlAs/InGaAs Pseudomorphic Structure Obtained by Channel Indium Composition Modulation [pp. 555-558]
T. Nakayama, H. Miyamoto, E. Oishi, and N. Samoto

Reliability of AlInAs/InGaAs/InP HEMT with WSi Ohmic Contacts [pp. 559-563]
H. Sasaki, K. Yajima, N. Yoshida, T. Ishida, R. Hattori, T. Sonoda, O. Ishihara, S. Takamiya, R. Konishi, and K. Ando

Impurity-Induced Disordering of AlGaInAs Quantum Wells by Low Temperature Zn Diffusion [pp. 565-569]
Kazuhiko Itaya, Mark J. Mondry, Philip D. Floyd, Larry A. Coldren, and James L. Merz

Chemical Beam Etching of InP in GSMBE [pp. 571-575]
J-L. Gentner, Ph. Jarry, and L. Goldstein

Morphological and Electrical Characterization of Al/Ni/n-InP Contacts with Tapered Insertion Ni-Layer [pp. 577-580]
S. Miyazaki, T.-C. Lin, C. Nishida, H.T. Kaibe, and T. Okumura

A 1.3 µm Strained Quantum Well Laser on a Graded InGaAs Buffer with a GaAs Substrate [pp. 581-584]
T. Uchida, H. Kurakake, H. Soda, and S. Yamazaki

Controlled Beam Dry Etching of InP by Using Br2-N2 Gas [pp. 585-591]
Satoshi Oku, Yasuo Shibata, and Kenichi Ochiai

(NH4)2Sx-Treated InP(100) Surfaces Studied by Soft X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy [pp. 593-596]
S. Maeyama, M. Sugiyama, S. Heun, and M. Oshima

Formation of PNx/InP Structure by In Situ Remote Plasma Processes [pp. 597-601]
Yoshifumi Sakamoto, Takashi Sugino, Takashi Miyazaki, and Junji Shirafuji

Cadmium Sulfide Surface Stabilization for InP-Based Optoelectronic Devices [pp. 603-609]
K. Vaccaro, A. Davis, H.M. Dauplaise, S.M. Spaziani, E.A. Martin, and J.P. Lorenzo

Interfacial Layer in Homoepitaxial InP Grown by Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy with TMIn and TBP [pp. 611-617]
Hiroyasu Nakata, Kazuo Satoh, Tyuzi Ohyama, Yasufumi Fujiwara, Youichi Nonogaki, and Yoshikazu Takeda

Fabrication of InP-Based InGaAs Ridge Quantum Wires Utilizing Selective Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth on (311)A Facets [pp. 619-625]
H. Fujikura and H. Hasegawa

Material and Electrical Characteristics of Iron Doped Pt-InAlAs Schottky Diodes Grown by LP-MOCVD [pp. 627-632]
Kyushik Hong, Dimitris Pavlidis, and Frédéric Séjalon

Thermal Stability of Al0.48In0.52As/Ga0.47In0.53As/InP Heterostructure and its Improvement by Phosphidization [pp. 633-636]
N. Takahashi, M. Shiota, Y. Zhu, M. Shimizu, D. Hirata, Y. Sakamoto, T. Sugino, and J. Shirafuji

Low Temperature Grown Be-Doped InAlP Band Offset Reduction Layer to p-Type ZnSe [pp. 637-641]
K. Iwata, H. Asahi, T. Ogura, J. Sumino, S. Gonda, A. Ohki, Y. Kawaguchi, and T. Matsuoka

New Low Contact Resistance Triple Capping Layer Enabling Very High Gm InAlAs/InGaAs HEMTs [pp. 643-647]
K. Higuchi, M. Mori, M. Kudo, and T. Mishima

A Novel Insulated Gate Technology for InGaAs High Electron Mobility Transistors Using Silicon Interlayer Based Passivation Technique [pp. 649-656]
S. Suzuki, S. Kodama, H. Tomozawa, and H. Hasegawa

Fabrication of 60 nm Pitch Ordered InP Pillars by EB-Lithography and Anodization [pp. 657-660]
Toshiyuki Takizawa, Masafumi Nakahara, Eijiro Kikuno, and Shigehisa Arai

Photocurrent Anisotrophy in Compositional Modulated Superlattice of Long-Range Ordered Ga0.5In0.5P [pp. 661-665]
Takashi Kita, Akira Fujiwara, Hiroshi Nakayama, and Taneo Nishino

Identification of Topmost Atom on InP (001) Surface by Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy [pp. 667-670]
T. Nishihara, M. Shinohara, O. Ishiyama, F. Ohtani, M. Yoshimoto, T. Maeda, and H. Koinuma

Group-V Atoms Exchange Due to Exposure of InP Surface to AsH3(+PH3) Revealed by X-Ray CTR Scattering [pp. 671-675]
M. Tabuchi, N. Yamada, F. Fujibayashi, Y. Takeda, and H. Kamei

Photoconductivity and Photoluminescence Studies in Copper Diffused InP [pp. 677-684]
D. Pal and D.N. Bose

Donor Passivation in n-AlInAs Layers by Fluorine [pp. 685-690]
Y. Yamamoto, N. Hayafuji, N. Fujii, K. Kadoiwa, N. Yoshida, T. Sonoda, and S. Takamiya

Chemical-Bonding Structure of InP Surface in MOVPE Studied by Surface Photo-Absorption [pp. 691-694]
Yasuyuki Kobayashi and Naoki Kobayashi

Raman Scattering Study of the Immiscible Region in InGaAsP Grown by LPE on (100) and (111) GaAs [pp. 695-699]
Touko Sugiura, Nobuyasu Hase, Kazumasa Hiramatsu, and Nobuhiko Sawaki

Degradation of PL Characteristics in Strained Layer Multi-Quantum Well Structure With Atomic Ordering Structure [pp. 701-708]
Nobuyuki Otsuka, Masahiro Kito, Yasufumi Yabuuchi, Masato Ishino, and Yasushi Matsui

Optoelectronic Properties of Transition Metal and Rare Earth Doped Epitaxial Layers on InP for Magneto-Optics [pp. 709-713]
B.J.H. Stadler, K. Vaccaro, A. Davis, G.O. Ramseyer, E.A. Martin, H.M. Dauplaise, L.M. Theodore, and J.P. Lorenzo

Thermal Stability of Interfaces Between Metals and InP-Based Materials [pp. 715-719]
Y. Ashizawa, C. Nozaki, T. Noda, and A. Sasaki

Microstructural Analysis of the Ge/Pd(Zn) Ohmic Contact to p-InP [pp. 721-725]
Moon-Ho Park, L.C. Wang, and D.M. Hwang

Atomic Structures of Au and Ag Films Epitaxially Grown on the InP(001)-p(2 X 4) Surface [pp. 727-731]
K. Morita, K. Soda, T. Katoh, and M. Hanebuchi

Characterization of Electron Traps in Plasma-Treated AlInAs [pp. 733-737]
T. Sugino, D. Hirata, I. Yamamura, K. Matsuda, and J. Shirafuji

Interface Strain in InGaAs-InP Superlattices [pp. 739-744]
A.R. Clawson and C.M. Hanson

Highly Confined Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in an In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As Modulation-Doped Structure with a Strained InAs Quantum Well [pp. 745-748]
Tatsushi Akazaki, Junsaku Nitta, Hideaki Takayanagi, Takatomo Enoki, and Kunihiro Arai


Effect of Shroud Flow on High Quality InxGa1-xN Deposition in a Production Scale Multi-Wafer-Rotating-Disc Reactor [pp. 749-753]
C. Yuan, T. Salagaj, W. Kroll, R.A. Stall, M. Schurman, C.-Y. Hwang, Y. Li, W.E. Mayo, Y. Lu, S. Krishnankutty, and R.M. Kolbas

A Unique, Device-Friendly Contact System for Shallow Junction p/n Indium Phosphide Devices [pp. 755-760]
Victor G. Weizer and Navid S. Fatemi

Effect of the Post-As+-Implantation Thermal Treatment on MBE HgCdTe Optical Properties [pp. 761-764]
S.P. Guo, Y. Chang, J.M. Zhang, X.C. Shen, J.H. Chu, and S.X. Yuan

Magnetron Sputtered Transparent Conducting CdO Thin Films [pp. 765-770]
K. Gurumurugan, D. Mangalaraj, and Sa.K. Narayandass


Low Oxygen and Carbon Incorporation in AlGaAs Using Tritertiarybutylaluminum in Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 771-774]
C.A. Wang, S. Salim, K.F. Jensen, and A.C. Jones

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