Volume 25, Number 7, July 1996

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Characterization of High Quality RTCVD Relaxed Si1-xGex Grown on Ge Graded Buffer Layers on Si by Photoluminescence [pp. 1023-1027]
G. Bremond, A. Souifi, O. De Barros, A. Benmansour, F. Ducroquet, P. Warren, and D. Dutartre

Effect of Composition on Deep Levels in Heteroepitaxial GexSi1-x Layers and Evidence for Dominant Intrinsic Recombination-Generation in Relaxed Ge Layers on Si [pp. 1028-1036]
P.N. Grillot, S.A. Ringel, and E.A. Fitzgerald

Degradation of Silicon Dioxide During Selective Silicon Epitaxy in a Dichlorosilane Environment [pp. 1037-1043]
C.C. Hobbs, J.J. Wortman, and M.C. Öztürk

Strain Accommodation in Mismatched Layers by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Introduction of a New Compliant Substrate Technology [pp. 1044-1048]
C. Carter-Coman, A.S. Brown, N.M. Jokerst, D.E. Dawson, R. Bicknell-Tassius, Z.C. Feng, K.C. Rajkumar, and G. Dagnall

Gas-Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Characterization of InGaAs/InGaAsP Quantum Well Structures on InP [pp. 1049-1053]
W.G. Bi and C.W. Tu

Electrothermal Investigation of the Switching Effect in p-Type TlInSe2, TlInTe2, and TlGaTe2 Chain Chalcogenide Semiconductors [pp. 1054-1059]
B. Abay, B. Gürbulak, M. Yildirim, H. Efeoglu, S. Tüzemen, and Y.K. Yogurtçu

A Novel Synthetic Route to Ether-Free Metal Alkyl Precursors [pp. 1060-1063]
T.J. Whitaker, R.W. Freer, T. Martin, A.C. Jones, and S.A. Rushworth

Improved Quality of AlxGa1-xAs Grown on Se-Doped AlxGa1-xAs Substrate-Layers by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 1064-1066]
Kun-Jing Lee, Z.C. Huang, and J.C. Chen

Characteristics of Island Growth of Hg1-xCdxTe on (100) CdTe Substrates by Chemical Vapor Transport [pp. 1067-1071]
Yu-Ru Ge and Heribert Wiedemeier

Transient Behavior of Hg1-xCdxTe Films Deposited on (100) CdTe Substrates by Chemical Vapor Transport [pp. 1072-1081]
Heribert Wiedemeier and Yu-Ru Ge

Growth and Characterization of GaSb Bulk Crystals with Low Acceptor Concentration [pp. 1082-1087]
A.N. Danilwesky, S. Lauer, J. Meinhardt, K.W. Benz, B. Kaufmann, R. Hofmann, and A. Dörnen

Surface Condition of Si Implanted GaAs Revealed by the Noncontact Laser/Microwave Method [pp. 1088-1092]
Masaya Ichimura, Hideaki Yoshida, and Akira Usami

Copper Migration in CdTe Heterojunction Solar Cells [pp. 1093-1098]
H.C. Chou, A. Rohatgi, N.M. Jokerst, E.W. Thomas, and S. Kamra

Solder Flow on Narrow Copper Strips [pp. 1099-1107]
F.M. Hosking, F.G. Yost, E.A. Holm, and J.R. Michael

Zinc Diffusion in Tellurium Doped Gallium Antimonide [pp. 1108-1112]
G.J. Conibeer, A.F.W. Willoughby, C.M. Hardingham, and V.K.M. Sharma

Interfacial Reactions During Soldering with Lead-Tin Eutectic and Lead (Pb)-Free, Tin-Rich Solders [pp. 1113-1120]
S.K. Kang, R.S. Rai, and S. Purushothaman

High Thermoelectric Figures of Merit in PbTe Quantum Wells [pp. 1121-1127]
T.C. Harman, D.L. Spears, and M.J. Manfra


Wave Soldering with a Low Melting Point Bi-Sn Alloy: Effects of Soldering Temperatures and Circuit Board Finishes [pp. 1128-1131]
M. McCormack, I. Artaki, S. Jin, A.M. Jackson, D.M. Machusak, G.W. Kammlott, and D.W. Finley


A Theoretical Study of Light Emission from Nanoscale Silicon [p. 1132]
Nicola A. Hill and K. Birgitta Whaley


1996 Electronic Materials Conference Program

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