Volume 25, Number 10, October 1996

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the symposium on Engineering Science of Chemical-Mechanical Planarization and Regular Issue Papers from the 1996 TMS Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, February 4-8. View October 1996 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 1573]
Krishna Rajan and Michael Fury

Advances in Physically Based Erosion Simulators for CMP [pp. 1574-1580]
Scott R. Runnels

Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of Oxide Thin Films: The Rebinder-Westwood Phenomenon Revisited [pp. 1581-1584]
Krishna Rajan

Nanofabrication of a Quantum Dot Array: Atomic Force Microscopy of Electropolished Aluminum [pp. 1585-1592]
R.E. Ricker, A.E. Miller, D.-F. Yue, G. BanerJee, and S. Bandyopadhyay

Electrochemical Effects in the Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of Copper for Integrated Circuits [pp. 1593-1598]
C.A. Sainio, D.J. Duquette, J. Steigerwald, and S.P. Murarka

Solution Chemical Constraints in the Chemical-Mechancial Polishing of Copper: Aqueous Stability Diagrams for the Cu-H2O and Cu-NH3-H2O Systems [pp. 1599-1607]
K. Osseo-Asare and Kamal K. Mishra

Distribution Systems for CMP: The New Challenge [pp. 1608-1611]
Robert Korman and Dennis Capitanio

The Importance of Particle Size and the Performance of Abrasive Particles in the CMP Process [pp. 1612-1616]
Michael C. Pohl and Duncan A. Griffiths

Review of Planarization and Reliability Aspects of Future Interconnect Materials [pp. 1617-1622]
Anantha R. Sethuraman, Jiun-Fang Wang, and Lee M. Cook

Optical Interferometry for Surface Measurements of CMP Pads [pp. 1623-1627]
David Stein, Dale Hetherington, Mike Dugger, and Tom Stout

Investigation of Pad Deformation and Conditioning During the CMP of Silicon Dioxide Films [pp. 1628-1632]
K. Achuthan, J. Curry, M. Lacy, D. Campbell, and S.V. Babu


Correlation of Photoluminescence Linewidths with Carrier Concentration in P-Ga0.52In0.48P [pp. 1633-1636]
D.J. Arent, M.W. Peterson, C. Kramer, K. A. Bertness, and J.A. Turner

High-Speed InP/InGaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Utilizing Nonalloyed Contacts on n+-InP Contacting Layers [pp. 1637-1639]
M.T. Fresina, D.A. Ahmari, S. Thomas, D.W. Barlage, C.A. Martino, M. Feng, and G.E. Stillman

C Implantation and Surface Degradation of InGaP [pp. 1640-1644]
C.B. Vartuli, C.R. Abernathy, S.J. Pearton, J.C. Zolper, and A.J. Howard

Cross-Sectional TEM of Pd/InP and Au/InP Interfaces Formed at Substrate Temperatures Near 300 and 77K [pp. 1645-1651]
J.W. Palmer, W.A. Anderson, D.T. Hoelzer, and M. Thomas

Photoluminescence Analysis of InAlAs-InGaAs HFET Material with Varied Placement of Heavy -Doping [pp. 1652-1659]
William E. Leitch, Bernd U. Henle, and Erhard Kohn

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