Volume 25, Number 11, November 1996

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the symposium on Materials Science of Contacts, Metallization and Interconnects and Regular Issue Papers from the 1996 TMS Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, February 4-8. View November 1996 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 1661]
J. Narayan, M.O. Aboelfotoh, and J. Sanchez

Cu3Ge Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs [pp. 1662-1672]
S. Oktyabrsky, M.O. Aboelfotoh, J. Narayan, and J.M. Woodall

Microstructure and Chemistry of Cu-Ge Ohmic Contact Layers to GaAs [pp.1673-1683]
S. Oktyabrsky, M.O. Aboelfotoh, and J. Narayan

NiGe-Based Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs [pp. 1684-1695]
Masaki Furumai, Takeo Oku, Hidenori Ishikawa, Akira Otsuki, Yasuo Koide, Tetsuo Oikawa, and Masanori Murakami

Metal Contacts to Gallium Arsenide [pp. 1695-1702]
W.O. Barnard, G. Myburg, F.D. Auret, S.A. Goodman, and W.E. Meyer

Ohmic Contacts and Schottky Barriers to n-GaN [pp. 1703-1708]
Z. Fan, S.N. Mohammad, W. Kim, Ö. Aktas, A.E. Botchkarev, K. Suzue, H. Morkoç, K. Duxstad, and E.E. Haller

Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaN [pp. 1709-1714]
Stephen Miller and Paul H. Holloway

Investigation of SnPbAg Solder for Die Attach of GaAs Devices [pp.1715-1724]
J.M. Parsey, Jr., K. Kyler, W. Cronin, P. Mobley, B.L. Scrivner, S. Valocchi, L. Sue, J. Mohr, K. Monarch, B. Keller, and L.-P. Lai

Metal Silicides: Active Elements of ULSI Contacts [pp. 1725-1739]
C.M. Osburn, J.Y. Tsai, and J. Sun

Epitaxial TiN Based Contacts for Silicon Devices [pp. 1740-1747]
R.D. Vispute and J. Narayan

Schottky Barrier Heights on IV-IV Compound Semiconductors [pp.1748-1753]
F. Meyer, M. Mamor, V. Aubry-Fortuna, P. Warren, S. Bodnar, D. Dutartre, and J.L. Regolini

Microstructures and Electrical Properties of SrRuO3 Thin Films on LaAlO3 Substrates [pp. 1754-1759]
F. Chu, Q.X. Jia, G. Landrum, X.D. Wu, M. Hawley, and T.E. Mitchell

LaNiO3 and Cu3Ge Contacts to YBa2Cu3O7-x Films [pp. 1760-1766]
D. Kumar, R.D. Vispute, O. Aboelfotoh, S. Oktyabrsky, K. Jagannadham, J. Narayan, P.R. Apte, and R. Pinto

Microstructure Mapping of Interconnects by Orientation Imaging Microscopy [pp. 1767-1771]
David P. Field and David J. Dingley


The Role of Oxygen Diffusion in Photoinduced Changes of the Electronic and Optical Properties in Amorphous Indium Oxide [pp. 1772-1777]
B. Claflin and H. Fritzsche

Microstructures of Parylene-N Thin Films and the Effect on Copper Diffusion [pp. 1778-1783]
G.-R. Yang, D. Mathur, X.M. Wu, S. Dabral, J.F. McDonald, T.-M. Lu, and H. Bakhru

Optimization of Saturation Current Density of PECVD SiN Coated Phosphorus Diffused Emitters Using Neural Network Modeling [pp. 1784-1789]
L. Cai, S. Han, G. May, S. Kamra, T. Krygowski, and A. Rohatgi

Deep Levels, Electrical and Optical Characteristics in SnTe-Doped GaSb Schottky Diodes [pp. 1790-1796]
J.F. Chen, N.C. Chen, and H.S. Liu


Effect of Thin Film Coating of Au on Joint Strength in Invar-Invar Packages [pp. 1797-1800]
S.C. Wang, C.M. Wang, C. Wang, H.L. Chang, Y.K. Tu, C.J. Hwang, S. Chi, W.H. Wang, Y.D. Yang, and W.H. Cheng

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