Volume 25, Number 12, December 1996

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Growth and Optical Properties of Strained (AlP)n(GaP)n Short-Period Superlattices [pp. 1801-1805]
K. Shiraishi, J. Kitamura, K. Hara, H. Munekata, and H. Kukimoto

Patterning of Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films by Wet Etching for a-Si:H TFT-LCDs [pp. 1806-1817]
Je-Hsiung Lan, Jerzy Kanicki, Anthony Catalano, James Keane, Willem den Boer, and Tieer Gu

Au/Ge/Pd Ohmic Contacts to n-GaAs with the Mo/Ti Diffusion Barrier [pp. 1818-1822]
Chun-Yi Chai, Jung-A Huang, Yong-Lin Lai, Janne-Wha Wu, Chun-Yen Chang, Yi-Jen Chan, and Huang-Chung Cheng

Cd and Te-Based Ohmic Contact Materials to p-Type ZnSe [pp. 1823-1831]
K. Hashimoto, Y. Koide, O. Tadanaga, T. Oku, N. Teraguchi, Y. Tomomura, A. Suzuki, and Masanori Murakami

Capacitance Behavior of GaAs-MIS Structures with Low-Temperature Grown GaAs Dielectric [pp. 1832-1836]
J.K. Luo, D. Westwood, H. Thomas, and D.V. Morgan

Analysis of the Infrared Transmission Data of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Film Fabricated by High Rate PECVD [pp. 1837-1840]
W. Hu, Florence Y.M. Chan, D.P. Webb, Y.C. Chan, and Y.W. Lam

Dislocation-Free Undoped Semi-Insulating GaAs Epilayers Prepared by Chloride Chemical Vapor Deposition and Successive Wafer Annealing [pp. 1841-1844]
A. Noda, K. Kohiro, and O. Oda

Influence of Boron Doping on the Properties of Amorphous and Microcrystalline SiC Films Prepared Using ECR-CVD [pp. 1845-1850]
S.F. Yoon, R. Ji, and J. Ahn

Characterization of Closed Space Vapor Transport GaP Epitaxial Layers [pp. 1851-1857]
J. Mimila-Arroyo, J. Diaz, M.B. Derbali, H. Maaref, S. Alaya, D. Stievenard, and J.C. Bourgoin


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