Volume 26, Number 1, January 1997

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Effect of In Situ Thermal Cycle Annealing on GaN Film Properties Grown on(001) and (111) GaAs, and Sapphire Substrates [pp. 1-6]
Kun Wang, Dimitris Pavlidis, and Jun Cao

Zn-Doped InGaP Grown by the LP-MOCVD [pp. 7-10]
R. Kúdela, J. Novák, and M. Kucera

A Mössbauer Study of Tin-Based Intermetallics Formed During the Manufacture of Dispersion-Strengthened Composite Solders [pp. 11-15]
Robert C. Reno, Michael J. Panunto, and Brett H. Piekarski

Beryllium Ion Implantation into GaAs and Pseudomorphic AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs Heterostructure [pp. 16-20]
J.F. Thiery, H. Fawaz, J.C. Pesant, N.T. Linh, and G. Salmer

Optical Properties and Reactive Sputtering Conditions of AlN and AlSiN Thin Films for Magneto-Optical Applications [pp. 21-24]
X.S. Miao, Y.C. Chan, and Z.Y. Lee

Anomalous Lateral Zn Surface Diffusion in InP Caused by Zn-Contained Metallization [pp. 25-29]
Moon-Ho Park, P.H. Hao, and L.C. Wang

Subnanometer Analysis and Modeling of MBE Grown InP Based MODFETs [pp. 30-33]
Matthew Seaford, Scott Massie, Dave Hartzell, Glenn Martin, Warren Wu, John Tucker, and Lester Eastman

Effect of SiO2 Powder on Mirror Polishing of InP Wafers [pp. 34-36]
Yuji Morisawa, Isao Kikuma, Naoki Takayama, and Manabu Takeuchi

Tertiarybutylarsine for Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of High Purity, High Uniformity Films [pp. 37-42]
H.C. Chui, R.M. Biefeld, B.E. Hammons, W.G. Breiland, T.M. Brennan, E.D. Jones, H.K. Moffat, M.H. Kim, P. Grodzinski, K.H. Chang, and H.C. Lee

Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on the Device Characteristics of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors [pp. 43-51]
D.K. Sengupta, W. Fang, J.I. Malin, A.P. Curtis, T. Horton, H.C. Kuo, D. Turnbull, C.H. Lin, J. Li, K.C. Hsieh, S.L. Chuang, I. Adesida, M. Feng, S.G. Bishop, G.E. Stillman, J.M. Gibson, H. Chen, J. Mazumder, and H.C. Liu

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