Volume 26, Number 2, February 1997

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Role of Interface Chemistry and Growing Surface Stoichiometry on the Generation of Stacking Faults in ZnSe/GaAs [pp. 53-63]
L.H. Kuo, K. Kimura, S. Miwa, T. Yasuda, and T. Yao

Interface Structure in Arsenide/Phosphide Heterostructures Grown by Gas-Source MBE and Low-Pressure MOVPE [pp. 64-69]
A.Y. Lew, C.H. Yan, R.B. Welstand, J.T. Zhu, C.W. Tu, P.K.L. Yu, and E.T. Yu

An Empirical Relation Between the Melting Point and the Direct Bandgap of Semiconducting Compounds [pp. 70-72]
B.R. Nag

Magnetic and Photomagnetic Properties of Polycrystalline Wide-Gap Semiconductor Cd1-xMnxTe Thin Films [pp. 73-77]
X.F. He, A. Kotlicki, P. Dosanjh, B.G. Turrell, J.F. Carolan, S. Jimenez-Sandoval, and P. Lozano-Tovar

Study of Metal-Polymer Adhesion--A New Technology: Cu Plasma PIB [pp. 78-82]
G.-R. Yang, H. Shen, C. Li, and T.-M. Lu

Interfacial Reaction and Electrical Property of Ge/Ni/ZnSe for Blue Laser Diode [pp. 83-89]
Dae-Woo Kim, Joon Seop Kwak, Hee-Soo Park, Hwa Nyun Kim, Hong Koo Baik, Sung-Man Lee, Chang-Soo Kim, and Sam-Kyu Noh

The Optimization of Double Mask System to Minimize the Contact Resistance of a Ti/Pt/Au Contact [pp. 90-96]
G.L. Waytena, H.A. Hoff, I.P. Isaacson, M.L. Rebbert, D.I. Ma, Christie Marrian, and J.S. Suehle

Substitutional-Interstitial Silver Diffusion and Drift in Bulk (Cadmium, Mercury) Telluride: Results and Mechanistic Implications [pp. 97-105]
Igor Lyubomirsky, Vera Lyakhovitskaya, Robert Triboulet, and David Cahen


Characteristics of PECVD Grown Tungsten Nitride Films as Diffusion Barrier Layers for ULSI DRAM Applications [pp. L1-L5]
Byung Lyul Park, Dae-Hong Ko, Young Sun Kim, Jung Min Ha, Young Wook Park, Sang In Lee, Hyeon-Deok Lee, Myoung Bum Lee, U. In Chung, Young Bum Koh, and Moon Yong Lee

Accurate Determination of the Band-Offset of a Quantum Semiconductor Structure from Its Capacitance-Voltage Profile: Application to an InP/Ga0.47In0.53As/InP Single Quantum Well [pp.L6-L8]
C. Guillot, M. Dugay, F. Barbarin, V. Soulière, P. Abraham, and Y. Monteil

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