Volume 26, Number 4, April 1997

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Role of Interfacial-Charge in the Growth of GaN on -SiC [pp.341-346]
Shang Yuan Ren and John D. Dow

InAsSb/InTlSb Superlattice: A Proposed Heterostructure for Long Wavelength Infrared Detectors [pp. 347-349]
S. Iyer, J. Li, S. Chowdhury-Nagle, and K.K. Bajaj

Deposition of Tantalum Oxide Films by Dual Spectral Source Assisted Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp.350-354]
Y. Chen, R. Singh, and J. Narayan

Chemical Beam Epitaxial Growth of InP Using EDMln and BPE [pp. 355-360]
C.W. Kim, L.P. Sadwick, and G.B. Stringfellow

Effects of Trimethylindium on the Purity of In0.5Al0.5P and In0.5Al0.5As Epilayers Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 361-365]
J.C. Chen, Z.C. Huang, K.J. Lee, and Ravi Kanjolia

Characterization of Organic Thin Films for OLEDs Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry [pp.366-371]
Francis G. Celii, Tracy B. Harton, and O. Faye Phillips

Defect State Assisted Tunneling in Intermediate Temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown GaAs [pp.372-375]
A.E. Youtz, B. Nabet, and F. Castro

Effects of Aluminum Sputtering Process Parameters on Via Step Coverage in Micro-Electronic Device Manufacturing [pp. 376-382]
G. DePinto, S. Dunnigan, K. Schwechel, and B. Mishra

Scanning Tunneling Potentiometry Study of Electron Reflectivity of a Single Grain Boundary in Thin Gold Films [pp. 383-386]
M.A. Schneider, M. Wenderoth, A.J. Heinrich, M.A. Rosentreter, and R.G. Ulbrich

Influence on AlN Protective Film Thickness on the Hardness and Electrophotographic Properties of Organic Photoconductors [pp. 387-390]
X.S. Miao, Y.C. Chan, C.K.H. Wong, D.P. Webb, Y.W. Lam, K.M. Leung, and D.S. Chiu

A Comparison of the Critical Thickness for MBE Grown LT-GaAs Determined by In-Situ Ellipsometry and Transmission Electron Microscopy [pp. 391-396]
K.G. Eyink, M.A. Capano, S.D. Walck, T.W. Haas, and B.G. Streetman

Study of Amorphous Ta2O5 Thin Films by DC Magnetron Reactive Sputtering [pp. 397-401]
K. Chen, M. Nielsen, G.R. Yang, E.J. Rymaszewski, and T.-M. Lu,

Chemical Vapor Deposition and Characterization of Amorphous Teflon Fluoropolymer Thin Films [pp. 402-409]
R. Sharangpani, R. Singh, M. Drews, and K. Ivey

InxGa1-xAs Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs with a Tungsten Nitride Barrier [pp. 410-414]
Chihiro J. Uchibori, Y. Ohtani, T. Oku, Naoki Ono, and Masanori Murakami

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