Volume 26, Number 7, July 1997

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the Symposium on Creep and Stress Relaxation in Miniature Structures, Regular Issue Papers, and the 1997 Electronic Materials Conference Program. View July 1997 Abstracts.


Foreword [p. 773]
Harish D. Merchant and Todd S. Gross

Microstructure Coarsening During Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Pb-Sn Solder Joints [pp. 774-782]
P.L. Hacke, A.F. Sprecher, and H. Conrad

Creep, Stress Relaxation, and Plastic Deformation in Sn-Ag and Sn-Zn Eutectic Solders [pp. 783-790]
H. Mavoori, J. Chin, S. Vaynman, B. Moran, L. Keer, and M. Fine

Interfacial Sliding in Cu/Ta/Polyimide High Density Interconnects as a Result of Thermal Cycling [pp. 791-797]
D.V. Zhmurkin, T.S. Gross, and L.P. Buchwalter

Hygrothermal Effects upon Stress Relaxation in a Polyimide Film [pp. 798-804]
Brian D. Harper, Jayathirtha M. Rao, Vernal H. Kenner, and Carl H. Popelar

Thickness Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Submicron Aluminum Films [pp. 805-813]
Young-Seok Kang and Paul S. Ho

Finite Element Modeling of Thermal Fatigue and Damage of Solder Joints in a Ceramic Ball Grid Array Package [pp. 814-820]
Bor Zen Hong

Stress Relaxation in Molding Compounds [pp. 821-826]
Vernal H. Kenner, Brian D. Harper, and Vladimir Y. Itkin

Stress Relaxation and Creep in an Impression Test [pp. 827-832]
James C.M. Li

Stress Relaxation and Creep of 12 to 35 um Copper Foil [pp. 833-838]
H.D. Merchant

Tensile, Creep, and ABI Tests on Sn5%Sb Solder for Mechanical Property Evaluation [pp. 839-846]
K. Linga Murty, Fahmy M. Haggag, and Rao K. Mahidhara

The Short and Long Term Properties of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer at Elevated Temperatures: Characterization and Modeling [pp. 847-851]
A. Saigal, V. Di Filippo, and M.A. Zimmerman

Micro-Indentation Relaxation Measurements in Polymer Thin Films [pp. 852-858]
D.M. Shinozaki and Y. Lu

Impression Recovery of Amorphous Polymers [pp. 859-862]
Fuqian Yang, Shengliang Zhang, and James C.M. Li


Effect of Parasitics on Electrochemical Capacitance-Voltage Profiling of Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures [pp. 863-867]
B. Jogai and C.E. Stutz

Strain Relaxation in Silicon Ion Molecular Beam Epitaxy on Silicon (001) Substrates During Aging [pp. 868-872]
P. Rozenak

Material Properties of Pb1-xSnxSe Epilayers on Si and Their Correlation with the Performance of Infrared Photodiodes [pp. 873-877]
A. Fach, J. John, P. Müller, C. Paglino, and H. Zogg

Microwave Modulated Photoluminescence in Doped GaAs [pp. 878-882]
C.E. Inglefield, M.C. DeLong, P.C. Taylor, and W.A., Harrison

Activation Energies of Intermetallic Growth of Sn-Ag Eutectic Solder on Copper Substrates [pp. 883-887]
D.R. Flanders, E.G. Jacobs, and R.F. Pinizzotto


1997 Electronic Materials Conference Program

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