Volume 24, Number 1, January 1995

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Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of Carbon Doped GaAs with Elemental Gallium and Arsenic Sources and a CCl4 Gas Source [pp. 1-4]
G.J. Sullivan, M.K. Szwed, and R.W. Grant

Crystallographic Orientation Dependence of the Growth Rate for GaAs Low Pressure Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy [pp. 5-14]
S.H. Jones, L.S. Salinas, J.R. Jones, and K. Mayer

Electron Irradiation Induced Defects and Schottky Diode Characteristics for Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy and Molecular Beam Epitaxial n-GaAs [pp. 15-20]
G.H. Yousefi, J.B. Webb, R. Rousina, and S.M. Khanna

Evidence of a Thermally Stable Carbon-Nitrogen Deep Level in Carbon-Doped, Nitrogen-Implanted, GaAs and AlGaAs [pp. 21-24]
J.C. Zolper, M.E. Sherwin, A.G. Baca, and R.P. Schneider, Jr.

Growth of GaAs by Vacuum Atomic Layer Epitaxy Using Tertiarybutylarsine [pp. 25-29]
Ming Y. Jow, Bang Y. Maa, Takashi Morishita, and P. Daniel Dapkus

A Study of the Transition from High to Low Resistivity in As-Grown GaAs MBE Material [pp. 31-34]
C.E. Stutz, D.C. Look, E.N. Taylor, J.R. Sizelove, and P.W. Yu

Low Resistance Pd/Ge Ohmic Contacts to Epitaxially Lifted-Off n-type GaAs Film [pp. 35-38]
H. Fathollahnejad, R. Rajesh, J. Liu, R. Droopad, G.N. Maracas, and R.W. Carpenter

Solder Joint Reliability of Indium-Alloy Interconnection [pp. 39-45]
Kozo Shimizu, Teru Nakanishi, Kazuaki Karasawa, Kaoru Hashimoto, and Koichi Niwa

Improving the Electrical Conductivity of Composites Comprised of Short Conducting Fibers in a Nonconducting Matrix: The Addition of a Nonconducting Particular Filler [pp. 47-52]
Pu-Woei Chen and D.D.L. Chung

Surface Reaction and Stability of Parylene N and F Thin Films at Elevated Temperatures [pp. 53-58]
P.K. Wu, G.-R. Yang, J.F. McDonald, and T.-M. Lu

Electrical and Optical Characterization of Mg, Mg/P, and Mg/Ar Implants into InP:Fe [pp. 59-67]
Jaime M. Martin, S. García, F. Calle, I. Mártil, and G. González-Díaz

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