Volume 24, Number 2, February 1995

This Month Featuring: Regular Issue Papers


A Study of Chemical Beam Epitaxy of GaAs Using Tris-dimethylaminoarsenic [pp. 69-74]
H.K. Dong, N.Y. Li, C.W. Tu, M. Geva, and W.C. Mitchel

Selenium Doping of GaInP by Atomic Layer Epitaxy [pp. 75-78]
D. Jung, M. Leonard, and S.M. Bedair

The Thermal Stability of Ohmic Contact to N-Type InGaAs Layer [pp. 79-82]
J.W. Wu, C.Y. Chang, K.C. Lin, E.Y. Chang, J.S. Chen, and C.T. Lee

Thermal Stability of Sputter-Deposited ZnO Thin Films [pp. 83-86]
Y. Song,E.S. Kim, and A. Kapila

Differential Photo-Voltage Spectroscopy for Characterizing Epitaxial Multilayered and Quantum Well Structures [pp. 87-92]
S. Ahmad Tabatabaei, Agis A. Iliadis, and Colin E.C. Wood

Control of Low Fe Content in the Preparation of Semi-Insulating InP by Wafer Annealing [pp. 93-97]
D. Wolf, G. Hirt, and G. Müller

Photoluminescence and Photoreflectance Study of Si/Si0.91Ge0.09 and Si9/Ge6 Quantum Dots [pp. 99-106]
Y.S. Tang, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, R.A. Kubiak, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, H. Presting, and H. Kibbel

Submicron Nickel Filaments Made by Electroplating Carbon Filaments as a New Filler Material for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding [pp. 107-113]
Xiaoping Shui and D.D.L. Chung

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