Volume 24, Number 4, April 1995

This Month Featuring: Proceedings of the symposium on III-V Nitrides and Silicon Carbide from the 36th Electronic Materials Conference in Boulder, Colorado, June 22-24, 1994. View April 1995 Abstracts.


Foreword [pp. 211-212]
Michael R. Melloch and Theodore D. Moustakas

Epitaxial Growth of Cubic GaN on (111) GaAs by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 213-218]
C.H. Hong, K. Wang, and D. Pavlidis

Native Defects and Dopants in GaN Studied through Photoluminescence and Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance [pp. 219-224]
T.A. Kennedy, E.R. Glaser, J.A. Freitas, Jr., W.E. Carlos, M. Asif Khan, and D.K. Wickenden

Valence-Band Discontinuity Between GaN and AlN Measured by X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy [pp. 225-227]
G. Martin, S. Strite, A. Botchkarev, A. Agarwal, A. Rockett, W.R.L. Lambrecht, B. Segall, and H. Morkoç

Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching of Gallium Nitride [pp. 229-234]
A.T. Ping, C. Youtsey, I. Adesida, M. Asif Khan, and J.N. Kuznia

The Effects of N+ Dose in Implantation into 6H-SiC Epilayers [pp. 235-240]
Tsunenobu Kimoto, Akira Itoh, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Toshitake Nakata, and Masanori Watanabe

A Microstructural Comparison of the Initial Growth of AlN and GaN Layers on Basal Plane Sapphire and SiC Substrates by Low Presusre Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 241-247]
T. George, W.T. Pike, M.A. Khan, J.N. Kuznia, and P. Chang-Chien

The Influence of Nitrogen Ion Energy on the Quality of GaN Films Grown with Molecular Beam Epitaxy [pp. 249-255]
T.C. Fu, N. Newman, E. Jones, J.S. Chan, X. Liu, M.D. Rubin, N.W. Cheung, and E.R. Weber

High-Quality GaN Heteroepitaxial Films Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 257-261]
K.G. Fertitta, A.L. Holmes, F.J. Ciuba, R.D. Dupuis, and F.A. Ponce

The Growth and Properties of Mixed Group V Nitrides [pp. 263-268]
J.W. Orton, D.E. Lacklison, N. Baba-Ali, C.T. Foxon, T.S. Cheng, S.V. Novikov, D.F.C. Johnston, S.E. Hooper, L.C. Jenkins, L.J. Challis, and T.L. Tansley

The Effect of GaN and AlN Buffer Layers on GaN Film Properties Grown on Both C-Plane and A-Plane Sapphire [pp. 269-273]
K. Doverspike, L.B. Rowland, D.K. Gaskill, and J.A. Freitas, Jr.

Operation of a Compact Electron Cyclotron Resonance Source for the Growth of Gallium Nitride by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ECR-MBE) [pp. 275-281]
R.J. Molnar, R. Singh, and T.D. Moustakas

Progress in Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Electronics Technology [pp. 283-288]
Philip G. Neudeck

Hydrogen Incorporation in Boron-Doped 6H-SiC CVD Epilayers Produced Using Site-Competition Epitaxy [pp. 289-294]
D.J. Larkin, S.G. Sridhara, R.P. Devaty, and W.J. Choyke

Surface Morphology of Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Films [pp. 295-301]
J. Anthony Powell, David J. Larkin, and Phillip B. Abel

Characterization and Optimization of the SiO2/SiC Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Interface [pp. 303-309]
J.N. Shenoy, G.L. Chindalore, M.R. Melloch, J.A. Cooper, Jr., J.W. Palmour, and K.G. Irvine

A Novel Method for Etching Trenches in Silicon Carbide [pp. 311-314]
Dev Alok and B.J. Baliga

Low Resistivity As-Deposited Ohmic Contacts to 3C-SiC [pp. 315-318]
A. Moki, P. Shenoy, D. Alok, B.J. Baliga, K. Wongchotigul, and M.G. Spencer


Microcharacterization of Composition Modulations in Epitaxial ZnSe1-xTex [pp. 319-325]
S.P. Ahrenkiel, M.H. Bode, M.M. Al-Jassim, H. Luo, S.H. Xin, and J.K. Furdyna

The Effects of Laser Irradiation on InGaAs/GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells Grown by Metalorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy [pp. 327-332]
H.K. Dong, S.C.H. Hung, and C.W. Tu

InxGa1-xAs Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs Prepared by Sputter Deposition [pp. 333-339]
Masayuki Okunishi, Chihiro J. Uchibori, T. Oku, A. Otsuki, Naoki Ono, and Masanori Murakami

Nature and Evolution of Interfaces in Si/Si1-xGex Superlattices [pp. 341-349]
J.-M. Baribeau, D.J. Lockwood, and R.L. Headrick

The Formation of Large-Grain CuInSe2 Films by Selenization by High-Rate Se Transport Under Moderate Vacuum Conditions [pp. 351-357]
D.S. Albin, J.R. Tuttle, and R. Noufi

Mobility of Modulation Doped AlGaAs/Low-Temperature MBE-Grown GaAs Heterostructures [pp. 359-363]
D. Schulte, S. Subramanian, L. Ungier, K. Bhattacharyya, and J.R. Arthur

Reactivity of No-Clean Pastes and Fluxes for the Surface Mount Technolgy Process-Part I: Corrosion Behavior of Cu, Sn, and Pb [pp. 365-370]
P.L. Cavallotti, G. Zangari, and V. Sirtori

Reactivity of No-Clean Pastes and Fluxes for the Surface Mount Technology Process--Part II: Corrosion Risk Measurements for Printed Circuit Boards and Solder Joints [pp. 371-378]
P.L. Cavallotti, G. Zangari, V. Sirtori, and A. Manara

Quantitative Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Interfaces [pp. 379-385]
L. Kronik, M. Leibovitch, E. Fefer, L. Burstein, and Yoram Shapira

Molecular Beam Epitaxial Regrowth of InAs/AlSb/GaSb Heterostructures on Patterned Substrates [pp. 387-390]
M. Walther, G. Kramer, R. Tsui, H. Goronkin, M. Adam, S. Tehrani, S. Rogers, and N. Cave

Real-Time Monitoring of III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry [pp. 391-395]
F.G. Celii, W.M. Duncan, and Y.-C. Kao

Metal Removal from Silicon Surfaces in Wet Chemical Systems [pp. 397-404]
Gerd J. Norga and Lionel C. Kimerling

The Temperature-Composition Phase Diagram and the Miscibilty Gap of Hg1-xCdxTe Solid Solutions by Dynamic Mass-Loss Measurements [pp. 405-411]
Kuo-Tong Chen and Heribert Wiedemeier

Photoluminescence Study of ZnO Varistor Stability [pp. 413-419]
M.S. Ramanachalam, A. Rohatgi, W.B. Carter, J.P. Schaffer, and T.K. Gupta

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