Volume 24, Number 6, June 1995

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Valence Band Offsets in Strained GaAs1-xPx/GaAs Heterojunctions [pp. 713-717]
Neal G. Anderson, Farid Agahi, Arvind Baliga, and Kei May Lau

Deposition and Characterization of Indium Oxide and Indium Tin Oxide Semiconducting Thin Films by Reactive Thermal Deposition Technique [pp. 719-724]
P. Thilakan, S. Kalainathan, J. Kumar, and P. Ramasamy

Growth Pressure Effects on Si/Si1-xGex Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 725-730]
Z. Matutinovie-Krstelj, E. Chason, and J.C. Sturm

Pyrolysis of Tertiarybutylphosphine at Low Pressure [pp. 731-734]
C.W. Hill G.B. Stringfellow, and L.P. Sadwick

Defect Formation in Epitaxial Oxide Dielectric Layers Due to Substrate Surface Relief [pp. 735-745]
P.C. McIntyre B.P. Chang, N. Sonnenberg, and M.J. Cima

Unintentional Zinc Diffusion in InP pn-Homojunctions [pp. 747-750]
C.L. Reynolds, Jr., V. Swaminathan, M. Geva, L.E. Smith, and L.C. Luther

Improvement in Dielectric Properties of Low Temperature PECVD Silicon Dioxide by Reaction with Hydrazine [pp. 751-755]
K.W. Vogt, M. Houston, M.F. Ceiler, Jr., C.E. Roberts, and P.A. Kohl

Epitaxial Lift-Off of Thin InAs Layers [pp. 757-760]
Joel Fastenau, Ekmel Özbay, Gary Tuttle, and Fran Laabs

Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Blanket Tungsten Films on Silicon Substrates for Integrated Circuit Applications [pp. 761-766]
M.S. Haque, U.V. Patel, H.A. Naseem, and W.D. Brown

An Electrical Method to Characterize Thermal Reactions of Pd/GaAs and Ni/GaAs Contacts [pp. 767-772]
H.F. Chuang, C.P. Lee, and D.C. Liu

A Study of Self-Aligned Formation of C54 Ti(Si1-yGey)2 to p+ and n+ Si0.7Ge0.3 Alloys Using Rapid Thermal Annealing [pp. 773-780]
S.P. Ashburn, M.C. Öztürk, G. Harris, and D.M. Maher

Strain from Modified Interface Compositions in InGaAs/InP Superlattices [pp. 781-786]
A.R. Clawson and C.M. Hanson

The Growth and Characterization of AlGaAs Double Heterostructures for the Evaluation of Reactor and Source Quality [pp. 787-792]
M.R. Islam, R.V. Chelakara, J.G. Neff, K.G. Fertitta, P.A. Grudowski, A.L. Holmes, F.J. Ciuba, R.D. Dupuis, and J.E. Fouquet

Characterizing Electric Fields in (111)B InGaAs Quantum Wells Using Electric Field Modulated Photoluminescence and Reflectance Techniques [pp. 793-798]
Richard L. Tober, Thomas B. Bahder, and John D. Bruno

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