Volume 24, Number 7, July 1995

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Preparation and Gas-Sensing Properties of alpha-Fe2O3 Thin Films [pp. 799-804]
C.C. Chai, J. Peng, and B.P. Yan

Process Parameter Dependence of Impurity-Free Interdiffusion in GaAs/AlxGa1-x and InyGa1-yAs/GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells [pp. 805-812]
S. Bürkner, M. Maier, E.C. Larkins, W. Rothemund, E.P. O'Reilly, and J.D. Ralston

Investigations on Au, Ag, and Al Schottky Diodes on Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski Grown n-GaAs [100] [pp. 813-817]
S. Arulkumaran, J. Arokiaraj, M. Udhayasankar, P. Santhanaraghavan, J. Kumar, and P. Ramasamy

Microstructures of InAs1-xSbx (x = 0.07-0.14) Alloys and Strained-Layer Superlattices [pp. 819-825]
D.M. Follstaedt, R.M. Biefeld, S.R. Kurtz, and K.C. Baucom

Chemical Beam Epitaxy and Laser-Modified Chemical Beam Epitaxy of InGaAs Using Tris-dimethylaminoarsenic [pp. 827-832]
H.K. Dong, N.Y. Li, and C.W. Tu

Liquid Phase Epitaxy Growth of InGaAs with Rare-Earth Gettering: Characterization and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Studies [pp. 833-840]
A. Kumar, D. Pal, and D.N. Bose

Copper-Matrix Molybdenum Particle Composites Made from Copper Coated Molybdenum Powder [pp. 841-851]
Pay Yih and D.D.L. Chung

Electrical Properties of Inhomogeneous SiC MIS Structures [pp. 853-861]
M. Karlsteen, A. Baranzahi, A. Spetz, M. Willander, and I. Lundström

Low-Temperature Processing of Shallow Junctions Using Epitaxial and Polycrystalline CoSi2 [pp. 863-873]
Erin C. Jones, David B. Fraser, and Nathan W. Cheung

Low Temperature Heteroepitaxial Growth of Si1-xGex-on-Si by Photo-Enhanced Ultra High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Si2H6 and Ge2H6 [pp. 875-883]
C. Li, S. John, and S. Banerjee

Microstructure and Domain Configurations in Ferroelectric PbTiO3 and Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Thin Films [pp. 885-891]
Jane G. Zhu, M.M. Al-Jassim, and Maria Huffman

Electronic Characterization of Heterojunctions by Surface Potential Monitoring [pp. 893-901]
L. Kronik, M. Leibovitch, E. Fefer, V. Korobov, and Yoram Shapira

T(x) Phase Diagram of the Cu2Se-Al2Se3 System [pp. 903-906]
B.V. Korzoun, L.A. Makovetskaya, V.A. Savchuk, V.A. Rubtsov, G.P. Popelnyuk, and A.P. Chernyakova

DX-Center Energy Level Dependence on Silicon Doping Concentration in Al0.3Ga0.7As [pp. 907-912]
G. Medeiros-Ribeiro, A.G. deOliveira, G.M. Ribeiro, and D.A.W. Soares

LT-GaAs with High Breakdown Strength at Low Temperature for Power MISFET Applications [pp. 913-916]
K.-M. Lipka, B. Splingart, D. Theron, J.K. Luo, G. Salmer, H. Thomas, D.V. Morgan, and E. Kolu


1995 Electronic Materials Conference Program

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