Volume 24, Number 10, October 1995

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Contactless Electroreflectance Study of a GaAlAs/InGaAs/GaAs/GaAlAs Step Quantum Well Structure [pp. 1341-1344]
S. Moneger, H. Qiang, Fred H. Pollak, and T.F. Noble

Structural Characterization of Oxide Layers Thermally Grown on 3C-SiC Films [pp. 1345-1348]
Q. Wahab, L. Hultman, M. Willander, and J.-E. Sundgren

Ion-Beam Mixed Ultra-Thin Cobalt Silicide (CoSi2) Films by Cobalt Sputtering and Rapid Thermal Annealing [pp. 1349-1355]
S. Kal, I. Kasko, and H. Ryssel

Electron-Concentration Dependence of Absorption and Refraction in n-In0.53Ga0.47As Near the Band-Edge [pp. 1357-1361]
D. Hahn, O. Jaschinski, H.-H. Wehmann, A. Schlachetzki, and M. von Ortenberg

Optical Properties of Annealed, Single GaAs Quantum Wells: Cap Doping and Mask Width Dependence [pp. 1363-1368]
A.C. Crook, D.V. Forbes, and C.M. Herzinger

Ultra-Shallow Raised p+-n Junctions Formed by Diffusion from Selectively Deposited In-situ Doped Si0.7Ge0.3 [pp. 1369-1376]
Douglas T. Grider, Mehmet C. Öztürk, Stanton P. Ashburn, Jimmie J. Wortman, Gari Harris, and Dennis Maher

Experimental Determination of Tie-Lines in the Hg-Cd-Te System [pp. 1377-1380]
Hao-Chieh Liu and R.F. Brebrick

Conduction Band Offset of Strained InGaP by Quantum Well Capacitance-Voltage Profiling [pp. 1381-1386]
S.H. Park, M. Markarian, P.K.L. Yu, and P.M. Asbeck

High Performance AlAs/GaxIn1-xAs Resonant Tunneling Diodes by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 1387-1390]
J.C. Yen, B.P. Keller, S.P. Denbaars, and U.K. Mishra

Investigations on Indium Phosphide Grown by Chemical Beam Epitaxy [pp. 1391-1398]
R.T.H. Rongen, M.R. Leys, P.J. Van Hall, C.M. Van Es, H. Vonk, and J.H. Wolter

Low Temperature Epitaxial Growth of Si0.5Ge0.5Alloy Layer on Si (100) by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition [pp. 1399-1406]
S.W. Park, J.Y. Shim, and H.K. Baik

Temperature-Dependent Minority-Carrier Lifetime Measurements of Red AlGaAs Light Emitting Diodes [pp. 1407-1412]
F.M. Steranka, D.C. Defevere, M.D. Camras, S.L. Rudaz, D.K. McElfresh, L.W. Cook, W.L. Snyder, and M.G. Craford

Sensitivity Analysis of Ion Implanted Silicon Wafers after Rapid Thermal Annealing [pp. 1413-1417]
Youn Tae Kim, Chi Hoon Jun, Jong-Tae Baek, Hyung Joun Yoo, and Sang-Koo Chung

Plastic Constraint of Large Aspect Ratio Solder Joints [pp. 1419-1423]
John P. Ranieri, Frederick S. Lauten, and Donald H. Avery

Development of a Solder Material Process to Relieve the Plastic Constraint Associated with Thin Joints [pp. 1425-1428]
Frederick S. Lauten, John P. Ranieri, and Donald H. Avery

The Rule of Cu-Sn Intermetallics in Wettability Degradation [pp. 1429-1434]
H.L. Reynolds and J.W. Morris, Jr.

Effects of Annealing in O2 and N2 on the Electrical Properties of Tantalum Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition [pp. 1435-1441]
Il Kim, Jong-Seok Kim, Oh-Seung Kwon, Sung-Tae Ahn, John S. Chun, and Won-Jong Lee

Development of rf Sputtered, Cu-Doped ZnTe for Use as a Contact Interface Layer to p-CdTe [pp. 1443-1449]
T.A. Gessert, A.R. Mason, R.C. Reedy, R. Matson, T.J. Coutts, and P. Sheldon

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Hydrogen Evolution in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films [pp. 1451-1459]
Nagarajan Sridhar, D.D.L. Chung, W.A. Anderson, and J. Coleman

Accurate Measurement of Capture Cross Sections in Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy: Application to EL2 in GaAs [pp. 1461-1464]
D.C. Look, Z.-Q. Fang, and J.R. Sizelove

The Effect of Soldering Process Variables on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Eutectic Sn-Ag/Cu Solder Joints [pp. 1465-1472]
Wenge Yang, Lawrence E. Felton, and Robert W. Messler, Jr.

Stress Relaxation Behavior of Eutectic Tin-Lead Solder [pp. 1473-1484]
E.W. Hare and R.G. Stang

Effects of Barrier Layer and Processing Conditions on Thin Film Cu Microstructure [pp. 1485-1492]
E.M. Zielinski, R.P. Vinci, and J.C. Bravman

Intermetallic Compound Layer Growth By Solid State Reactions Between 58Bi-42Sn Solder and Copper [pp. 1493-1505]
P.T. Vianco, A.C. Kilgo, and R. Grant

Low Temperature Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Oxide Films Using Disilane and Nitrous Oxide [pp. 1507-1510]
Juho Song, G.S. Lee, and P.K. Ajmera

Selective Silicon Epitaxy by Photo-Chemical Vapor Deposition at a Very Low Temperature of 160°C [pp. 1511-1515]
Akira Yamada, Takayuki Oshima, Makoto Konagai, and Kiyoshi Takahashi

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